atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6400: Halloween

Slept in today, really enjoyed doing so.

After I got up I fiddled around on the computer a bit, then got the big plastic pumpkin down from teh attic and set it up outside. Put the candy by the door, took the screen out, etc.

Carved the jack-o-lantern and got that going.

Mrs. Fungus and I did a little WoW, and then I started cooking. Beef roast went into the oven, and then while that was cooking I got to work on peeling apples for the first batch of apple crisp I've made in years.

Dinner was roast beef, mashed potatos, gravy, green beans, with apple crisp for dessert, all of which tasted great; and when that was all done I roasted the pumpkin seeds and they turned out great, too; so we watched The Shining (as we do on Halloween) and ate pumpkin seeds.

Pretty nice day, all told.

* * *

So tomorrow is Der Tag, and at 2 PM I have a phone interview with a potential new employer, so that's all good.

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