atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6409: Well, this should be interesting.

So, looks like Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives, but the GOP improved their hold on the Senate.

In this situation, Democrats can impeach Trump, but they can't convict him. It'll be interesting to see what they do with this.

All told, there's not much they can do with Trump standing in their way--no new taxes, for example, though I'm betting the budget fights will be interesting.

Of course the media is backpedaling fiercely. This was supposed to be a "Blue Wave" election, where the GOP was tossed out of power because Trump, and while the Democrats got the House, that's just about all they got.

Further bulletins as events warrant, of course, since the news is a bit thin on the ground just yet. I purposely and with malice aforethought paid absolutely no attention to the election returns, because I had other things I preferred doing.

Incidentally, it was pointed out to me that the Republicans who lost the House races were almost universally squishy RINO "Never Trump" types. This election did not so much defang Trump as it removed Trump's opponents within his own party.

Trump himself is considering this election a "win", and I don't disagree; the GOP holding on to the Senate is more important, because it's the Senate that has the "advise and consent" role when it comes to judges and other appointees. Senate turnover is slow, by design, where House turnover happens every two years--again, by design. If the GOP had to lose somewhere, the House is probably the best place.

But so far, it looks as if the political system is working approximately the way it should, and Democrats did not regain enough power to change that. I do think that if Democrats run the House the way they've been running their mouths the last two years, Trumpslide 2020 is a lock, and GOP may just regain control of the House to boot.

The best thing the Democrats could do to help their political fortunes would be to move to the center and stay there, and govern there, and not impeach Trump or act the way they have since his election, but be reasonable and compromise and act like statesmen. Doing that would kill Trump's chances in 2020.

I do not expect them to do that, though. I expect two more years of "muh Russia!" and "We'll impeach him and Pence and everyone else!" and "Open borders!" and "White people are all racist!" and-and-and.

We'll see, I suppose.

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