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#6411: Go right ahead and do that.

Democrats are going to propose new gun regulation when Congress convenes next year. Go right ahead. The Senate will probably vote it down; and even if the Senate passes it, Trump still has to sign the thing for it to be law.

Protip: Trump won't sign it.

"But the veto can be overridden!" Sure it can. You need a 2/3 majority to do it. Democrats do not have that. Good luck.

Same vein: "Background check"? There's already a background check. There is already a federally mandated background check for each and every gun sale. And it has to pass both the House and the Senate, and has to be signed by the President, for it to become law.

* * *
If current results hold, Democrats will control 229 seats, a net gain of 36, compared with 206 for Republicans, giving them a majority of 11 seats.
By my math, that's 23 seats, not 11.I guess we'll see.

The article closes by quoting Pelosi, who spouted the usual Dem horseshit about "bipartisanship" and "fairness", but anyone who's paid attention to politics at all in the last forty years understands that "bipartisanship" means "Republicans let Democrats have what they want without a fight".

* * *

In close races, if the Republican appears to be winning, Democrats recount until the Democrat wins. Recounting gives the Democrats time to gin up new votes.

* * *

Do this to any alleged "journalist" who misbehaves. Yank his press pass. Perhaps the remainder will learn to act like civilized people instead of jackasses.

Related: HOLY CRAP I LOVE TRUMP because he actually says this stuff to the reporters. And the tone he used, just dripping with contempt. LOVE IT.

What a world it could be, if we were allowed to treat stupid people accordingly, and not have to be President to do it.

* * *

The other weird thing the Jeep is doing (see previous post) is that the turn signals just...quit.

Turn 'em on, get two or three flashes, and more clicky, no blinky, nothing. I think that's probably the flasher relay, though.

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