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#6415: Really needs to be an alternative, no?

Women can opt out of motherhood. Why can't men? Right now, a woman can say, "That man is the father of my child!" and if he doesn't hear about it and challenge it within 90 days, he's stuck paying child support even if he never even MET the woman in question let alone had sex with her.

The welfare system as constituted now is designed to ensure that women don't suffer any "consequences" of unprotected, recreational sex. Women can have abortions, and if they choose not to, they get all kinds of money from the government to support their kids. Men, on the other hand, have no protection whatsoever; even a paternity test showing he's not the father of a child will not protect him from having to pay child support.

This needs to be fixed.

...of course it won't be, because this suits the ends of Big Government rather nicely: it results in millions of women dependent on government programs, who then very reliably vote for more government.

* * *

I cannot believe the Democrats honestly think this will do them any favors. But I do encourage them to pass many gun control laws. Trump will veto them, it'll make the Democrats look bad, and doing this will keep them from doing anything else.

Go right ahead.

* * *

Cops go in, guns blazing, and kill a security guard. Nice going, asshats. Then you wonder why people have no respect for police any longer.

* * *

Pixy Misa talks about Apple's lovely T2 chip again.
Apple's T2 chip, the chip that prevents you from installing Linux (Phoronix), the chip that causes random kernel panics (Hot Hardware), the chip that locks your laptop irreversibly if it you reinstall MacOS the wrong way (Apple), the chip that makes all your data unrecoverable if any part of the logic board fails (Digital Trends)...

Where was I? Oh yes. Will brick your expensive new computer if you have it repaired by an unauthorised technician. (Ars Technica)
That last is a feature, not a bug. Apple doesn't like just anyone being able to fix their machines; they only want authorized Apple dealers to do it, because that way Apple gets a cut of the repair fee.

* * *

Bad panic attack yesterday, so bad that a full tab of Xanax only took the edges off. Hit me about 8, and by bedtime at 10:30 I wasn't panicking any longer but there was still a lot wrong.

Woke up this morning feeling approximately normal, though, and went to the new job, and all was well.

Yesterday they didn't have a machine ready for me, so they sent me home at noon. Today there was a problem with one of my passwords that they can't fix on site (they're outsource tech support and the client has to provide username and password) so they let me go home at 2:15. Which is good, because I had to deposit my last paycheck from the contract at $Major_Hardware so I can buy gas and stuff. *sigh*

The commute took an hour and forty minutes this morning. Looking forward to not having to commute. Just get out of bed, have something to eat, then sit at my desk and start working. Whee!

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