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#6417: The rest of it

China's "social credit system" may be a sign of desperation from its government. When a government loses the consent of the governed, it turns to force. China's government is doing that now.

Young Marxists in China have gone missing. "Disappeared" is what happens to people who protest against the government.

* * *

Actual science makes predictions and tests them against reality. If those predictions are borne out by experiment, they then become valid models for how the world works. If enough evidence is assembled that proves the prediction, it becomes a scientific fact.

If you take your desired outcome and force the real-world data to match your prediction, you're not doing science.

So here we have a scientist, and "Her models have run at a 93% accuracy...," which mean they do a pretty good job of prediction. And her models suggest that the sun is entering a prolonged minimum.

Like the Maunder Minimum, a fairly long stretch of extremely low sunspot count (and therefore solar activity) which coincided with the "Little Ice Age".

Meanwhile, over in climatology--which has a nice sciencey-sounding name but is emphatically not science--the science ain't nearly as "settled" as they claim it is. It overestimated the amount of heat absorbed by the oceans by sixty percent.

The idea is that the atmosphere isn't warming because the oceans are absorbing all the global warmenation, and that is why there's been no observable warming since 1998.

Of course, in order for the global warming to do this, it has to completely ignore the Laws of Thermodynamics. "Yep, that heat, it gets into the upper atmosphere, and then it skips over the lower atmosphere and goes right into the deep ocean, and concentrates there."

What would, in fact, happen, would be that the atmosphere would get warm first, and it would have to remain warm for an extended period of time before the ocean warmed up; and the ocean would warm from the top down. Owing to the fact that water has a much higher specific heat capacity than air does, the equilibrium point for the heat would result in a slightly warmer ocean with a much warmer atmosphere.

It would not result in the deep ocean warming while the upper ocean and the air remained approximately the same temperature for going on two decades.


* * *

This is the side of the story no one is talking about. So the new Doctor Who reboot with a woman playing the Doctor had some big numbers for the first eps, but now is tanking. While the season opener reportedly drew eight million viewers (though I'd bet those numbers are peanuts compared to those of David Tennant's tenure) they're now averaging about six.

Myself, I stopped watching after Amy Pond tried to seduce the Doctor, even though I really liked Karen Gillan. That was a big no-no, and it completely turned me off the show.

* * *

Well, it's after 9:30 and I need to get some WoW in before bedtime.

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