atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#641: Heh!

I was browsing the older entries and came across #595 with BDunbar's comments:
A person scans that label with a PDA, or "gun" (it's shaped kind of like the "type II" phaser from the original Star Trek, but with a display and keyboard on its dorsal surface).

We've fooled around with those - I've got one in my desk - but in the end went for the scanner tied to a PC. Too expensive for us when you add up the cost of a wireless network and the other infrastructure.

The gals in receiving have no end of complaints about having to use a scanner tied to a PC - it's damned awkward to do things that way. Plus the winter weather is really hard on the PC parked by the roll up doors.


We might speculate that the original designs for the Type II called for a display screen ..

It looks like you're trying to stun a Klingon - would you like some help with that?

But the Star Fleet users have more say-so in their gear than grunts do in the 21st century.
And so I was inspired to come up with this:

Which I generated at the Error Message Generator site, of course.

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