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#6419: And just WHO do you expect to lob those nuclear weapons AT, genius?

Democrat gun-grabber cites the fact that the government has nucelar weapons when someone tells him on Twitter that he's asking for a war.

I tried to summarize it but Ace's headline nails it:
Prominent Democrat Eric Swalwell Is Already Proposing a Mandatory Semi-Automatic Rifle "Buyback" Program -- Sell the Government Your Gun or Face Prosecution -- and Reminds Gun Owners That the All-Powerful Godstate Has Nukes
The actual quote from the Democrat, when told that such confiscation would lead to a war--is, "And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes."

Except there's a really big problem with that.

Let's say this asshat gets his way, and rather than give up their guns, a huge swath of right-wing America (all the red parts on the election map) defies the government--and when the government tries to make them comply, a shooting war develops.

Who do you nuke to stop it? Who do you threaten with nuclear destruction to make the freedom fighters come to heel? What city do you target? What infrastructure? What factories and warehouses? What can you hit which will not cause massive collateral damage to people who are loyal to you?

Nuclear weapons are politically useful, but their use comes at such a high price no one with any brains wants to use them in actual combat. You pop a nuke on someone and you draw the approbrium of the entire rest of the world. Particularly because nuclear weapons are best deployed against areas rather than specific things. You don't target a building with a nuke; you target an entire city block with it, and you destroy everything in a ten-mile radius to boot. You don't bomb a ship, but a shipyard with a nuclear warhead.

To stop this insurrection you'd have to bomb a lot of territory. To make things worse, carpet-bombing all the red states with nukes would destroy the places where all the food and energy comes from.

"Hey, we made the people give up their guns! Shame about most of our population starving to death." Yeah, the ones that didn't die of radiation poisoning from the fallout.

It's not like the leadership of the insurrection would have a clearly identifiable seat of power like Washington, D.C., which--it must be said--could probably be flattened by one or two well-placed warheads. (Please note that I am not advocating the violent overthrow of our government. See below.) A lot of the missile silos are in red states. You do the math.

But there will be no insurrection, because this stupid shit hasn't got a ghost of a chance of becoming law as long as Trump is President, and the Democrats are going to run the House the way they've run their mouths for the past two years so 2020 will be a Trumpslide.

* * *

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if government puts a gun to your head and says, "You will now sell your gun to me or I will kill you," that is confiscation. It is confiscation with a nice coat of whitewash on it, but it is confiscation nonetheless. That is why the guy said there'd be a war.

Thanks to Lenin and Hitler and Mao we've seen what happens to people who give up their guns.

* * *

Yes, let Acosta speak for the entire duration of the press conference. The other reporters might find that getting their way is not what they want after all.

* * *

Ah, the glories of socialized medicine. Surgical robot goes berserk and ends up killing the patient. Surgeon in charge of the surgery didn't know WTF he was doing because he was "too busy" to attend the training sessions, and the other surgeons who were supposed to be there to oversee the thing had stepped out for coffee, so when the machine started punching holes in the victim's aorta there was no one there who knew how to shut it off.

In England, surgeons do indeed leave the operating room in the middle of a procedure for lunch or what-have-you, and then scrub back in and finish the job. This sort of thing is routine there so I'm not at all surprised that the supervisors all fucked off for coffee. It's stupid but not surprising.

* * *

Yep, it's getting cold.

Solar minimum. Not "global warming".

* * *

Excellent discourse on Amazon picking places for its headquarters. Includes proper disdain for "incentives" that Democrat places give to businesses.

* * *

Another take on the coach who didn't want a teenaged girl undressing in front of him.

If I were a boy in that locker room, I would stand there and watch that girl change her clothes with rapt fascination. "Why are you mad? You're just one of the guys, right?"
"That makes you gay!"
"Oh, so transgender is okay but gay isn't?"
The boundless, balls-out arrogance of these “educators” is what really stands out like a beacon to me. They manipulate the children for PC purposes, ignore or openly defy the rights of parents to any authority or even input regarding the “education” of their own children, operate in secret without oversight, and are unaccountable to anyone other than their own superiors at the state and federal level. They infantilize parents, sexualize children, and politicize the education process itself.

* * *

Well, I has a weekend, and I'm going to enjoy it. More later.

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