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#6420: Well, that's not going away any time soon.

Last night Mrs. Fungus pointed out the noise my computer is making: a buzz, or fast ticking, sound. Kind of like something sticking in the path of fan blades, or the old playing card in the spokes trick. Not very loud at all, but very steady.

Didn't notice it until then; this morning I realized it was annoying when there's no other sound in the house. Set out to investigate.

Found right away that the computer does not make the sound when tipped past about 20 degrees off vertical. That meant opening the case, so I did that; and after a few seconds I traced the source of the noise to the rearmost fan of the video card's two fans.

Shut down, pulled the card, and found...absolutely nothing. It's bearing noise. I can't do a thing about it without replacing the card entirely. Argh.

Dusted out the heat sinks, anyway, and reassembled.

The video card is a GTX 1050 Ti, which I am informed is not such a great card after all even though I saw an immense improvement over the video card that came stock in this machine, which was itself no slouch, at least not observably. (At least the GTX 1050 is not; not sure about the Ti version. I've been very happy with it, though.)

High-performance video cards get really expensive really fast, and I'm not going to spend $500 on the latest-and-greatest, or even last year's latest-and-greatest.

These were new in April of 2017 and it's barely 19 months since then. *sigh*

* * *

And while looking for that pair of posts, I found this quote:
As for the Jeep, before I shut everything off last night I tapped the license plate light, and it flickered on, then off again. I hope that means I just have a loose bulb, but it's probably not the way to bet. Plus side it's a license plate light and I can probably put a new socket in there and have it work tolerably well, if I have to, or figure something else out. Heck, a few LEDs soldered in place will do it if nothing else does. My license plate must be illuminated; it need not be lit by the light of an oil lamp fueled with the rare and precious oil from the Rock of Tolder, which can only be reached by delving the Icy Depths of Colodd, then climbing the Death Cliffs of Zaqdar, fording the River Mek, and battling the Three Demons.

A simple light bulb of some type will suffice. I think I can get that from Autozone.
That comes from this post, and it was the day after I'd been given a warning for not having an illuminated license plate. Heh.

* * *

"Nobody wants to take your guns!" Except everybody who advocates for "common sense gun control", that is.

* * *

More about the Acosta mess. No one has a legal right to access the White House. Try just walking in, and see how you do.

* * *

Six inches of snow fall on NYC and it's a disaster. I've noticed that because the "elites" mostly live on the coasts, when New York City (or another major east coast city) gets a dumpload of snow, everybody freaks right the fuck out.

Six inches of snow in "early" November may be unusual for NYC, but it's just weather.

Still, the irony is obvious. We're told that Earth is warming and that it's all our fault, but the raw data says it's not warming--and meanwhile, people who are doing actual science are telling us to watch out for another Maunder Minimum because the sun is not producing any sunspots.

Earth is an ice world. For most of the last six million years, it's been frozen, with occasional, 100,000-year interglacial periods. We're in such an interglacial period now. The end of one. Earth is about due to plunge back into another ice age; and if that happens, believe me we're going to wish mightily that CO2 emissions did warm the planet.

The tipping point comes when snow lasts over the summer. If that ever happens, we must immediately start dumping soot on the snow to make sure it melts.

Still, this is an El Nino year, and even though we've had snow some five times this month--dustings to about an inch--I don't expect a cold winter. Right now I'm expecting it to warm up enough that after mid-December we won't see but maybe one or two snowstorms with any real accumulation.

Today, it's "wintry mix", though. Whee.

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