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#642: Cordeuroy Pillow (ie headlines)

CBS CEO Leslie Moonves discusses CBS and network television. He's concerned with "the state of network television".

Well, I haven't watched anything on CBS since they canceled Joan of Arcadia. That was the first show CBS ran since The Dukes of Hazzard--when I was twelve--which I considered "appointment television". CBS has always been a third-rate network, even (or especially) back when there were only three networks.

These days there are no shows on any of the "big three"--CBS NBC ABC--that are "must watch" shows for me. I watch Smallville on "the WB", and Battlestar Galactica on SciFi. I used to be a faithful ER viewer, but they ran that one into the astroturf about four seasons ago; when you miss an episode, and think, "Damn, I forgot my show was on. Oh, well," it's a good sign that the show has begun to suck egregiously.

And that's about the state of network television, Leslie. Cram it.

CNN poll shows that "nearly half" of Americans think the country's in a recession.

"Nearly half"? I can intepret that two ways.

The first way? The half that are Democrat. I don't think I have to amplify this, but WTF: "ZOMG George Bushitler stole the election again Halliburton and Darth Cheney made him go to IRaq for oil and meanwhile all kinds of people are starving and have no health insurance save us Hillary!" We can't possibly have a good economy after Bushitler cut taxes. Etc.

But the other way is nearly as bad. The mainstream media has given us a constant drumbeat of "down" economic news, and even "up" economic news is reported as if it's "down".

I first noticed this in December of 1992. When the current President's father was serving out his last months in office, before the election of 1992 the economic news was "neutral to down". After the election of 1992, when Bill Clinton was President-elect, the economic news was suddenly "neutral to up", and after the inauguration it became "mostly up".

And there had been no change in the actual economic performance of the country.

The Chicago Sun-Times had a daily "recession watch" feature around that time, too, and it tracked the rest of the mainstream media's economic prejudices quite nicely.

That's all it is. If we had a Democrat in the White House, all else being equal, the media would report the economic news as "up" as they could. "Full employment"! "No inflation"! Etc, etc, just the same way they did during the Clinton years. Instead, we hear about nothing but the "housing bubble" and a raft of other economic woes.

* * *

I'm really kind of surprised, because I had more than two links to dicuss...but after looking at them I realized that there wasn't much to discuss after all. So I decided to check my spam, and there's not enough there to make it worth the effort of posting an image...but my friend No Problem is back! This time he says "Cialis Works"!

I presume he is speaking from personal experience.

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