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#6426: Yeah, definitely a keeper

So, last night on a whim I clicked over to Netflix and checked out The Disatrous Life of Saiki K, an anime series that I noticed some time ago and had flagged for later viewing.

...after noticing that another series I'd flagged had gone missing. I can't even remember the name of it, except that it had "silver spoon" in the title; it was anime about a guy who attends an agricultural university and I hadn't managed to get through the first episode.

So, started watching Saiki, and I busted a gut laughing at the first ep. I had to pause it in the middle because I was laughing so much. That episode was nearly the end of me.

Watched several more eps today, and while they were not as funny as the first one, they're still really, really entertaining.

Two seasons, 24 eps each, and I'd never even heard of it before. I'll have to read the manga, of course.

* * *

So, the weird hum is back.

That weird bass hum that has plagued me from time to time has returned. It is highly similar in nature to the Taos hum. It's mainly in my right ear. It sounds like a large engine running, rather far away.

If I stick an earbud in that ear, it goes away in that ear. I barely hear it in my left ear. These conditions persist regardless of where I am.

The fact that it goes away when there's something in my ear would seem to suggest it's an actual sound, but why only in that ear? And one must not discount the psychology: "this object blocks sound from entering my ear, therefore it blocks that sound."

...and now that I typed that, I can hear it in my right ear with the earbud in. *sigh*

Well, further evidence that I've got a screw loose, I suppose?

* * *

Made stuffing this year using Mrs. Fungus' mother's recipe. I don't have my mom's recipe for sage stuffing, which is just as well considering that I never really liked it all that much. I'm just not really a huge stuffing guy, anyway.

I'm trying to learn how to make a huge pot of gravy like Mom always did, but so far I haven't managed it. This year's pot of gravy was perhaps the most I've made, but it's still not up to snuff. We'll try it again at Christmas, I suppose.

The turkey was a Jenny-O turkey, pre-brined (!) and on sale; Jewel had a thing where if you spent $25, you could by one for $0.39 a pound; this steep discount meant we got our turkey for $5, which is insane. We didn't need a big turkey and in fact we'd intended just to buy a breast section, but I was underwhelmed by the breast sections they had and this thing was 12 lbs and under five bucks.

Pre-brined saved me some time, though it's not as tasty as it is when I brine it. Still, I'm losing four hours a day to commuting, so I need to save time where I can, and five bucks, so I went with it, and I am not disappointed with the result. The aromatics do a lot more for the final flavor of the turkey than the spices in the brine do, in any event, I've found. This is my second time cooking a pre-brined Jenny-O turkey and I have to say that so far, they've been consistently good.

And I absolutely love not having to get up early like Mom always did to roast a turkey, with all the fussing and basting and effort that went into it. Thanks to Og tipping me off to Alton Brown's brine recipe etc, I can cook a Thanksgiving turkey that looks like it belongs on the cover of a cookbook, without having to start the oven at 7 AM.

* * *

Anyway, today is Day 3 of our 4-day weekend. Tomorrow I need to return to reality and wash clothes and hit the store for sundries, to prepare for my week.

But that's tomorrow.

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