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#6428: Perfect

Today was an epic clusterfuck. This post will be disjointed as a result.

Power failed about 2:30 AM and was still off when the alarm went off at 5. I got shit for sleep, and with the power off for so long I was worried about the sump pump being out. I mean, it rained for seven hours before it started snowing. When I looked at the sump it was a couple inches from the top; there was no doubt that the basement would flood if I left it alone. In the chilly darkness I decided I would have to do something about that before going to work, so I decided that I'd go in late and rig a power supply for the backup pump once it was light out.

That actually worked out well because Mrs. Fungus was too sick to drive, but had to go to work to do payroll. This resulted in me driving her to her job, then going to mine; we'd both intended to put in as full a day as we could, but I was at work an hour before she asked me if I could go get her--because she was, after all, sick. And so we came home again.

I made a very brief stop at the store and then we came home; I'd gotten a phone call from ComEd letting me know the power was back on, so when we got home it was to a comfortably warm house.

And we hit the bed like a sack of bricks.


The Ace in the Hole needs a new battery, which is why I worried about the basement flooding. When I got up again, I got the jumper pack from the garage and hooked it up, then used the manual override to run it until the water was down to its pickup. That, I figured, would give me a few hours; and then I hit the shower and got ready to go. the time we left home, there was no traffic, and the roads were clear of snow. Not sure what it would have been like if I'd left at my usual time, but at that time, it was zip zip zip from place to place.

Anyway, today was just a total botch. We'll do better tomorrow.

* * *


It started raining after dark, sometime around 6-ish. After that, it never stopped precipitating. We had very strong winds and lots of rain, rain, rain.

I am not surprised, given the circumstances, that the power failed. I got up to hit the can around 2-ish--having slept only fitfully--and saw that the ground had turned white. Thereafter it snowed a wet, heavy snow; any time you have that kind of combination there will be issues.

Hours of rain, followed by dropping temperatures, coupled with high winds: recipe for a power failure. And at least two other people there had come to work from houses that were in extended power failures, too.

Damned inconvenient, though. Getting up to hit the can, then getting up again a scant half-hour later to shut down the computers and their UPSes--as I said, I did not really sleep so much last night as lay in bed with my eyes closed, drowsing in a semi-conscious insomniac twilight, but I had actually gotten to sleep prior to the power failure. I think I managed about three hours of actual sleep, all told. *sigh*

On our way home, Mrs. Fungus remarked--several times--that I didn't look very good. What a surprise. I felt pretty f-ing rancid.

...and in the hour that I was at work, my phone did not ring once. That was a blessing, actually.

As I said, we'll do better tomorrow.

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