atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6429: WTF

If it had not been for the phone call I took at 4:15 PM, I would have gone the entire day without taking a call.

First call since last Wendesday, in fact. up this morning at the usual time and headed out at the usual time. Stopped for gas--gas is so low right now I can't believe it; I paid $2.38 per gallon with my Rewards card, and the regular price has since dropped to that point. It was $2.36 at Walmart.

I don't expect this to last very long, but damn.

Anyway, got to the office with half an hour to spare, so I relaxed and got ready for my day; and when my day started, it...uh. Well. Good thing I have this notebook to doodle in. Whee!

Around lunchtime I was told to start training on a new client after lunch was over. Now I am trained to handle two different clients. Whee!

And the new-to-me client was where the phone call came from.

Left at the usual time, and stopped at the temp agency office (conveniently on the first floor of the same building) to drop off the last bit of benefits paperwork; then got in the Jeep and headed to the nearby Target.

Because I needed new pants.

Let's face it. I'm not getting any younger and my lifestyle has become entirely too sedentary, with the result that my waist has expanded. The 44" waists on my old Geek Squad pants were snug when I last wore them to work; now 44" is way too tight. Target should have pants that don't cost a lot, right?

Sure they do. Sure. As long as you're a stick man. The largest waist they had there was 40", and there were damned few of them. 90% of the pants they had were 36" and smaller. I should have realized the neighborhood in which I was shopping would preclude "big and tall"; that area is mostly home to little shits.

So, left Target and headed home; traffic was traffic, and I went to the Walmart nearest the bunker, because of course they would have pants in my size! Right?



...which is to say, there were none hanging up that were larger than 42". Looking at the long rack of folded pants, digging through the piles and piles of unsorted-after-the-holiday-weekend slacks, I found several pairs of pants with 46" waists with 30" inseam, which would be "floods" on me. 32" is the minimum; 34" works but is a bit long. 33" is ideal.

Anyway, I was about to give up when I finally found two pairs of pants that boasted 48" waists and 32" inseams. Two. One khaki-colored, one black. Went to the fitting room and tried them; they fit, with some room to spare, so I bought them. $31 after tax. Not bad. WTF I have a belt to keep them up, and at least I won't be strangling on my pants any longer. Shit.

Still not done, though; had to go pick up an RX for Mrs. Fungus, and ground beef for tonight's dinner (tacos), so I went to yet another store. Stood in line for her pills; then got what I needed and stood in line to pay for it.

Got home from that--not quite fourteen hours after leaving this morning--and finally got those pants off, then pulled on sweats and hied myself out to the driveway, where I hacked at the plow drift across the bottom of the driveway with a spade. It's nothing but ice, of course, since it rained like crazy prior to turning into wet snow, and with the subsequent outside temperature somewhere in the twenties of course that shit turned to pure ice. I chipped out enough of the berm to make it much easier for Mrs. Fungus to get her car into the driveway without damaging anything.

Then I finally got to come inside and sit down and have a Pepsi.

After this, I get to cook dinner. And after that I'll probably go to bed, because damn.

...and Mrs. Fungus just sent me a text message informing me that her wipers don't work. They're stuck in the up position.

*sigh* When was it that I replaced that fucking wiper motor?

* * *

This does not sound like a move being made by a healthy corporation.

Why the Volt makes no economic sense.

* * *

White liberals are racists, of course.

* * *

The global cooling concensus of the 1970s is not a myth. Sorry, guys, but you don't get to sweep it under the rug. Especially since it's looking as if they were right in the 1970s and wrong now.

Well--not totally right. They said that it was human particulate emissions that were going to cause a new ice age. That part is still wrong.

* * *

Well, Mrs. Fungus is home. Time to get to work on her car.


Wiper motor--new January 16 2018--is shot. Argh etc. O'Reilly's, and they have to order a replacement. It'll be in tomorrow, but I'll be at work all day--so I get to come home, have dinner, and replace the motor. Whee!

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