atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6437: Well, that worked

Today I took a different way home. Went right down 355 to 80 and then took 80 east.

It took me 1h40m to get home.

Understand, I've been averaging between 1h50m and 2h to get home from work every day. I left work about 20 min later than usual, but got home a couple of hours after quitting time, which is about the same time I got home last night.

Just like that, an extra 20 minutes. Not bad. I'll have to leave at the usual time tomorrow and try it again, and see how it goes.

* * *

I realize what I'm saying here but seems to me that the astronauts aboard ISS ought to be able to go out and clean that stuff.

Get people experience in doing EVAs that aren't preplanned down to the nanosecond.

* * *

Busy today--mostly password resets. Plus side, those don't take much time, and that'll help hold down my average call time.

More tomorrow, of course, and going forward. Whee!

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