atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6439: The Saturday that was versus the planned one

Original plan had been to do some errands during the day, then go to the town's annual Christmas parade. Well, we managed the errands, anyway.

Alarm was set for 9, which--for me--approximated "sleeping in", after the past several weeks at work. The alarm went off, and Mrs. Fungus shut it off rather than hit "snooze", for some reason...with the result that we got up two hours later than intended.

While she got ready to go, I went to the post office to get a couple of registered letters for which a sticky had been left in our mailbox. That turned out to be some bank business I had already attended to on the first, so the letters were redundant, having been mailed on the 30th. Fine. Got home, and then we hied ourselves to yonder emissions testing station to get Mrs. Fungus' car smogged. That done, we went out for lunch at one of our favorite places--so much so that the waiter knew what she wanted to drink when he came to get our order. Heh.

Stuffed ourselves, then went to Menards. We bought LED Christmas lights, paint for the bathroom, and some other needed sundries; then we came home.

...and collapsed.

Next thing I knew, clock was ringing 7 PM, which means we missed the parade--but she'd been making noises about not going to it, and we've seen it before, so I'm ambivalent about that. I think we needed the rest more than we needed to stand outside in 17° weather, to be honest.

Pending "to-do" list items for this weekend are to finish mudding the bathroom wall--needs one more coat--and then sanding it. I want primer on that wall before Wednesday, which is when a guy from the company that installed the bath surround comes out to re-caulk part of it. "Lifetime warranty" and the caulk is not supposed to get moldy, yet somehow it did in one spot, and we can't get it clean.

I am nearly done with the mud, but I need to sand, and so I got some dust masks when we were at the hardware store.

The joint between the two sheets I installed is fine as it is, nice and smooth and needing only to be sanded. The corner joints look awful but should clean up all right once I can sand them. The join between the moisture-resistant drywall and the stuff I installed, however, is going to be challenging. I think I can make it look decent, though. That's where I need to put on the last coat, in fact; I believe it's almost level but it's kind of spotty, having some voids and uneven places.

Do the best I can with it, prime it, and then spackle to get it totally level. That's my plan.

The other major item is, of course, "set up workstation" so I can be ready to field calls Monday morning. That's going to involve clearing off the desk, bringing out another monitor, and so forth. Shouldn't be too difficult.

I've got my work laptop at home, with mouse and headset. It has to be plugged into a wired connection, which is why I'm not setting up elsewhere in the house, but if I really need to, I can always run a cable and set up wherever I'd like. Once the spare bedroom is cleared out I have this fantasy about setting up a workstation in there; or perhaps in the basement. All it takes is running some CAT-5 and putting ends on it.

But that's later. Right now, I want to throw some mud on the wall, and then maybe play some WoW.

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