atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6441: Well, that's a result.

So, after covering every horizontal surface (and some vertical ones) in the bathroom with joint compound dust, I can say with authority that the wall is ready to be primed.

Once it's primed I will, of course, need to break out the spackle and fill approximately 30,000 voids and gaps with it. Only some were pre-existing. My drywall mudding skills are sub-professional, as long as you accentuate the "sub".

It will, however, look good when complete.

We selected a color called "Rochester Grey" for the bathroom. Ceiling will, of course, be Ultra White. I am still mulling the LED idea, placing a strip of RGB LEDs behind a wooden trim strip on the soffet over the shower. It would be very nice, but I have no idea how long it would survive. Probably not long.

Anyway, the loud-noises-and-dust part of my Sunday evening is complete. I'm making Ultimate Tuna Salad for dinner; that'll also provide a handy lunch tomorrow, because even though I'm at home I still only get half an hour to eat.

I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also a little scared of it. But as far as work challenges go this should not be in the "difficult" column.

So: bathroom is on schedule to be primed before Wednesday. Ideally I'd like to throw up a coat of primer tomorrow, but we'll see how we do. Note to self: buy roller covers....

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