atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6452: You see, this is what happens

This is what communism does. Communism, socialism, leftism, whatever the hell you want to call it.

When you get Bernie Sanders or Alexandra Ocasio-whatever telling you they're going to give you socialism, they are offering you a life of WANT AND SQUALOR, where you will freeze in the dark approximately whenever the elites decide you will, where you have absolutely no recourse whatsoever, and complaints get you sent to the gulag.

This is what they want for you when they talk about "common sense gun control".

* * *

In San Francisco, you don't own property; you rent it from the government. This is in fact true just about everwhere in the US--anywhere you must pay property tax--but especially so in SF, where you have to get government's permission to tear down a house that's too expensive to fix, and if they don't give it, you have to throw good money after bad and pay more than the house is worth to fix it up.

* * *

What are you so worried about, Arse Technica? Aren't the commisars of the Goolag on your side of the aisle?

* * *

So, apparently the Las Vegas real estate market is not doing too well. No idea how that compares to the rest of the country.

* * *

Ooohh a government shutdown is coming ohnoes ...and 75% of the thing will still function as it usually does and with Trump there won't be any "shutdown theater" the way there was with Obama, shutting parks and memorials which cost nothing to keep open.

Trust me--during the time frame they're talking about no one will notice if the government is shut down. No one.

* * *

And now, errands.

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