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#6453: Consider the source

It's because these are college students. Having a memorial for a robot is the kind of thing college students do. Bear in mind that college-age people are still basically adolescents, and haven't entirely grown out of being rebellious and/or silly about the norms of society. (Some people never do.)

It doesn't mean we're all doomed, though.

* * *

A year after the demise of the net neutrality nonsense, internet speeds are generally faster. That alone's a good reason to have done away with it.

* * *

There are angels everywhere. They do not display their celestial aspect, but they're there.

* * *

Haven't had time to do any real writing, but I've been reading AV over the past few days. Seems like it's holding up fairly well; there are a couple of bits that need fixing--small edits mainly--but it seems pretty solid, at least as far as the opening pages of "Book Two: Into the Gloaming". Still no real overarching title for the thing, which is probably just as well considering that it's really too big to publish as a single volume, anyway.

Need to get this thing put to bed, though, so I can carry on with the other projects collecting in my head. The rewrite for the story that comes after $Release_Candidate_One being one of them.

Besides being the story of an interstellar renaissance, $RC1 is also the first part of a trilogy which is really about this race of energy beings. About five billion years ago they found a way to turn themselves into immortal creatures, only to discover they'd made an enormous mistake...and, resigned to their fate, they proceed to await the heat death of the universe in hopes they'll go with it. But then they find Man, and realize that maybe their goose is not entirely cooked; and the following two stories include the resolution of their problem.

I think the best tagline for this series is what one of them says to one of my main characters, in response to a perfectly reasonable question. What's wrong with immortality? "We live in the universe of the dead."

It's my basic philosophy coming through, which (any writer will tell you) is probably not a great way to write a story. Any being that knows, knows it knows, and can envision its ending, doesn't have one; this universe is only the first step in an eternal existence, and by definition we're inacapable of comprehending what the following stages are like, any more than a caterpillar can imagine what being a butterfly is like.

These beings, however, interrupted that; by binding themselves to one reality, one place--a universe which has a finite lifespan--they've forfeited everything that comes after.

It's a big story, and I fear that I'm not really doing it justice, but I'm doing what I can with it. But the next story in the sequence is crap and needs fixing...and I don't want to start that project before I've finished AV.

So, reread it to get myself up to speed, and then try to do a page or so per day, I guess. Hopefully that'll do it.

* * *

You know, if I'm going to work from home, I need a new desk chair. I should probably look into that....

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