atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

This is why I'm paranoid

People don't understand when I say that the universe is out to get me. But they don't understand because they just don't see all the things which thwart me in my everyday life.

Here is an excellent example:

You know where I live?


I'm trying to finish the work on my Fiero--front brakes, grease job, oil change, new belts, a few other miscellanious bits and pieces...and now, TWO GODDAMNED DAYS IN A ROW, my work has been interrupted by rain!

The damn skies are clear for 100 miles in every direction except RIGHT OVER MY FUCKING HEAD

And this isn't at all surprising to me! It's frustrating as hell but it's not surprising.

If I need a red light, I get all green ones; but if I don't need a red light, I hit them ALL red.

If I am running late and in a hurry, I get behind every stupid piss-head on the goddamned planet who can't drive faster than five under the limit, and I end up getting to work late even if I leave home on time. But when I'm not in a hurry, even if I leave home late, I get to work on time! Explain that to me!!!

And it never, ever fails! Ever!

Why the hell SHOULDN'T I be paranoid????

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