atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6455: Scathing contempt

OMG this job is like SO HARD can you believe it? I don't have time for yoga or anything!

Precious little socialist princess finds herself having to work now that she's a congresscritter-elect, and she's not quite sure she likes it all that much.

I mean, she's not even working as an actual congresscrit yet, and already she's claiming she needs a vacation. Well, how was she paying for her yoga sessions and her wild rice and salmon dinners and so forth? What was she doing to support herself? Was that not a job that required that she work? Or is she one of those red diaper babies who get lofted into some kind of sinecure until they can be unleashed on an unsuspecting public, like Barack Obama?

* * *

15GB of data will last about two minutes at top 5G speed. That's not an exaggeration, either. 5g is very fast.

* * *

This is certainly true.

* * *

Just because the Chicago government has made that promise it does not mean that the citizens of Chicago owe that much.

The city government has promised it would pay its retirees a lot of money in pensions, but the city didn't put enough money into the retirement fund to support that. Now they're saying that the tab comes to $140,000 per household.

Will that be cash, check, or credit card?

It is true that the debt can be paid off over a period of time, but they don't tell us what that period of time is. In any case it's absolutely ludicrous; most households don't earn that kind of money. For most households, even divided across two decades with no interest that's a frigging mortgage payment. $584 per month, in 240 equal payments.


* * *

"All of my wives are bones! That is America." Trust me; that's a bot writing that. And not a very good one; "Eliza" was doing that kind of output in the 1970s.

* * *

If you really hate white people, and if you really hate cultural appropriation, then give up all the stuff invented by white people. And enjoy living in mud huts with no electricity, no internet, no TV, no cell phones, no birth control, no antibiotics, no--

* * *

I don't have the brainpower to evaluate this right now. Boomers versus the generation that came after them--there are points to be made on both sides of it. Speaking as someone who straddles that divide, though, I don't know what to say about it right now. Maybe later when I have some brainpower.

* * *

The FBI is a corrupt shithole and should be disbanded. That's my takeaway from all this nonsense about Hillary Clinton and Trump.

* * *

Scheduled lunch is in 4 minutes. I think I'll take it and go get something to eat.

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