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#6457: It's a bunch of memes today

"Today, only 30,000 remain." The polar bear population shrank to 30,000 from 8,000, and good news! The chocolate ration has increased from 30 grams to 24 grams!

Traffic noise walls cost $6 billion but we can't spend $5 billion to keep out illegals. And, by the way, we can send $10 billion in foreign aid to Mexico and central American countries for reasons.

The Baltimore school system is so broke they can't afford to heat the classrooms, but they can afford to spend $100,000 on seending kids to protest gun rights. Yeah.

KKK is the functional equivalent of the Congressional Black Caucus. No argument here.

* * *

Illinois is on track to lose two seats in Congress after the 2020 census. Which is why Democrats are so hot to count illegal aliens as citizens.

* * *

"They burned the house down." As soon as this article on Baby Boomers got to that point I knew exactly what they meant, even without the pictures.

I have to add the caveat that not all Baby Boomers are like that, but enough of them are that our society has been altered almost beyond recognition at their behest. As I've said previously, their parents didn't do much to stop them, probably because of the guilt they felt over the invention of nuclear weapons. "Well, we're just gonna blow the whole thing up, so what difference does it make?" Only they didn't blow the whole thing up, because nuclear weapons have stifled unlimited war precisely because the consequences of it are now so dire.

The result is that we have abandoned, wholesale, the traditions and morals that made our society free and prosperous. And what do we have to show for it now?

* * *

Tuesday I went to one of the closest remaining malls in the area. Down in the food court, among the usual suspects, there's a noodle stall--they serve fried noodles there, mostly-Japanese-like, and it's pretty good. I didn't have time for food, but I needed the restroom, and I had to walk right past that stall to get there. *sigh*

Mrs. Fungus really likes the Jeep Renegade, and she's thinking of getting one to replace her aging Toyota. While at the mall I saw one parked there, courtesy of so-and-so dealership, and to my surprise the 4x4 model was under $30,000. I would not let her buy a Jeep without 4WD, but a new price like that means that used prices should be porportionally lower.

There was a Subaru SUV which looked pretty good to me, and it, too, has a typical price under $30k, and the damned thing can tow two and a half tons even though it's got the usual turbo 4 cylinder Subaru boxer engine. (The benefit of an 8-speed transmission, I suppose.)

* * *

"I support free speech, just not hate speech." is equivalent to "I support physics, just not gravity."

* * *

I didn't vote for this, but I'm getting it because of all the other assholes who did vote for it. The one issue I have with this article is the idea that Repubicans can do anything to mitigate the Democrat machine. Bruce Rauner tried; for his efforts, he's de-elected starting this January. And similar efforts have the same result.

There is no saving it. Illinois is doomed.

* * *

Well--tomorrow is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. Whee!

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