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#6459: Third? There were two others?

"The US government has been partially shut down for the third time this year...." When were the other two?

You see, this is why government shutdowns are no threat at all, why Obama had to do his "Potemkin Shutdown Theater" and close parks and monuments; because the average citizen doesn't notice when the government shuts down. That's why the middle class has to be destroyed; it doesn't notice when the government shuts down.

...still rereading AV, and in "Book Two: Into the Gloaming" there are several places where I liken the situation to the fall of Rome. People comment about how even with the Empire gone and the interregnum begun, the average Joe really didn't notice any difference for quite a while.

This is like that. Our government claims to shut down, but only about 25% of it is really furloughed, and the rest functions as before.

Making plain the argument that we could probably do without that 25%.

* * *

Speaking of AV--

In AV, one of the characters is appointed to be the grand admiral of a colonial fleet which consists solely of her. She thinks it's ridiculous, so in response, she has a colonial-style uniform made for her new role. This is just about right:

A few minor details aren't right, but going forward this will be my reference for describing her.

(Shamelessly ganked from here.)

* * *

Yep, that's about right:

* * *

Started to write a Christmas vignette yesterday, but got hung up on the fact that everything I could do in it, I've done, one way or another, so I abandoned it.

Still thinking it over; unfortunately the one idea I have remaining right now takes place in a frigging gulag, and I can't stand regular fiction like that much less Christmas stories.

I've been too-heavily influenced by this and especially this--both stories by John C. Wright, who is a vastly better writer than I am.

Have the barest fragments of another idea, but it may not work. I'm going to think it over today, and let it percolate; perhaps bang it out this evening or tomorrow morning.

Here's hoping.

* * *

Unless something particularly juicy crops up over the next few days, though, I'm going to consider the "holiday politics ban" to be in effect. I might see something today or tomorrow that will elicit comment, but by and large I'm done with politics until the 26th.

* * *

Today's plan is to run out and do a little last-minute shopping. After that, R&R. Whee!

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