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#6467: Thursday the 27th

Christmas Day I took six calls. The 26th I took nine. Progress!

Today it's windy and rainy, and it's not expected to be below freezing until tomorrow night--no snow. I'm just as happy about that.

Mrs. Fungus bought me the first three volumes of Again!!, which is a regressive time travel story about a high school senior who ends up in his freshman body, with all his memories intact, and then proceeds to do things differently. It is very entertaining.

My wife's brother and sister-in-law got me a gift card for B&N, and I promptly used it on ordering Kimi ni Todoke #29 and Yotsuba&! 14. B&N had a "buy two get one free" deal going so I also picked up Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? 7, but because of the BTGO deal I was just a hair short of free shipping, so I also got #8 of that series. I had to pay sales tax and part of one book, but it was worth it.

That will teach me to wait until presents are opened to buy books. I've already read all three volumes of Again!! and want to read more, but presently have no money for more. Maybe next month.

In my stocking, among other things, were two 10 oz cans of wasabi peas, the stuff made by Hapi, AKA "the real deal". They are crispier, less of a hard crunch than the imitations are, but the wasabi flavor is also milder. In order to get the sinus-clearing fumes you need to suck on a few before you start chewing them. I've eaten half a can of 'em since Christmas.

To my surprise, the 1984 version of Christmas Carol, with George C Scott as Scrooge, isn't really all that good. He's not a very good Scrooge, oddly enough. Bonus points, though, for Mark Strickson playing young Scrooge; he played Turlow in Doctor Who around that time. And Fezziwig was played by the guy who played Binro the Heretic in "The Ribos Operation, which was the first episode of the "Key of Time" series of DW eps. Nifty, but the DW tie-in bonus points weren't enough to save it.

Oh well. On to today's bloggeratin'!

* * *

You people are ASSHOLES. If you have a baby, you need to feed it properly. Instead of giving the child proper food, they fed it oats and rice milk. Big surprise, then, that the kid developed rickets.

Stupid, stupid fucking people.

* * *

California looking to remove property tax caps. That will be the final nail in the state's coffin. This kind of thing is already happening in Chicago, causing businesses to flee.

* * *

Rasputin had a CON score of about 19. Constitution, in D&D, measures your overall health, and a high one gives you bonus to certain types of saving throws, particularly against things like poison. It also gives you extra hit points per level.

So, yeah--legendary CON level, there, Rasputin.

* * *

Government shutdown, Day 3.

Government shutdown, Day 5.

Our government is shut down?

* * *

Man, it sure got windy outside.
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