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Lockheed was talking about putting a fusion reactor in a semi trailer. If this design works--and this is (as the article points out) Lockheed we're talking about here, not Joe Hackaday--then we might just be looking at what practical, overunity fusion reactors look like.

I have always been a little skeptical of the Tokamak design. Forget that it was invented in the USSR; the problem is the magnetic field geometry. Part of fusion involves confinement, and it's a lot harder to confine a torus than it is to confine a ball. The tokamak design chokes out too easily; but it was (formerly) the best design anyone had come up with.

There's a variant on it, one designed by computer; the name escapes me just now but it's got a twisted and wavy appearance to it. They've had better luck with sustained fusion using that design. It corrects a lot of the deficiencies of the tokamak design. But it's complicated, making an already complex machine even more intricate.

Quoth the article:
After five years, they believe to have a completely operative model prepared to go into full-scale construction, capable of producing 100MW— which is enough to power a huge cargo ship or an 80,000-home city—and its size will be 23 x 42 feet only which is quite amazing.
The compact models will fit very nicely in an automobile and produce enough power to move one quite smartly, I expect. A hundred megawatts in a semi trailer means (assuming it scales down far enough) a hundred kilowatts in a space about the size of a current V6 engine, which is more than enough electricity to power an electric car. The problem is, of course, turning the heat produced by the fusion core into electricity. There are a bunch of good ways to do that, and using this kind of technology one does not need to be particularly efficient at it. Peltier junctions would do it.

If this is all real and not "rah rah fusion!" hype, it means a great deal of good things for us.

Personally, I would love to see us move away from fossil fuels entirely. There's no good reason for us to be using them anyway, not when it's been nearly eighty years since we harnessed the atom.

* * *

Why was it blue? Shouldn't it have been green? What are they using in transformers that burns blue?

Oh well.

* * *

So much for Sears.

* * *

Kim du Toit cracks wise about a small squad of antifa lunatics. If they were to attack him, he judges, one magazine ought to do it.

About them, I said previously:
Behold the people who will rule Alberta with an iron fist when the revolution comes. So let's go left to right here.

The Androgynous Duo, Senor Patchbeard, Gore-tex Melman, Srs Lesbian, Spunky Half-Pint, George, and George's Mom, who drives him to the meeting and in fact everywhere because he's disabled.

Be afraid.
Uh, yeah. Right.

* * *

I have to agree: Why is Googe "scrambling" to remove this stuff? Why is it not being caught before someone else notices and calls their attention to it?

Particularly when these self-same organizations never hesitate to ban people who merely express opinions they don't like?

* * *

More and more it seems as if the people are no longer listening to the mainstream media. That is a good thing.

* * *

If you want to understand why there is so much crime among the black population, this will help.

* * *

Here is one major problem with women serving in the armed forces. Women get pregnant. Additionally, some women will choose to get pregnant rather than face deployment to a war zone.

* * *

Today is the last Friday of 2018. It's windy outside, and almost freezing. They say it might snow tonight. Not much, but some.

Having worked M-F even though Tu was Christmas, I am looking forward to a day off tomorrow.

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