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#647: Darth Cheney kicks ass.

Good! Good!

This is why liberals hate Cheney. He's got a spine. Liberals hate vertebrate conservatives. (It's mainly because they're jealous.) (whoa. < /anncoulter >)

I heartily believe that Iran with the Bomb is a bad combination. It's a religious dictatorship and its current president is one of the people who committed an act of war on the US in 1979 by seizing the embassy in Tehran. We can't afford to let them gain atomic arms, the same way you can't let an unmedicated schizophrenic own firearms.

(My first girlfriend was schizophrenic. Okay? So I know.)

In an unrelated story--one from three years ago, in fact--a school district bans Halloween in order not to offend Wiccans.

Ahem. Halloween is a Wiccan holiday. I know this because my third girlfriend was wiccan/pagan.

The "seperation of church and state" issue is really starting to get under my skin. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that state and church must never work together, that state must avoid any and all reference to religion. What it says is that the state may not say, "John F. Kennedy is Catholic; therefore everyone must now be Catholic."

In fact, the imposition of Sha'ria (fundamentalist Islamic law) on the US would be unconstitutional under the Constitution as it now stands. But if we get that far I don't expect the Constitution will matter all that much.

The simplest way to fix all this BS with schools and religious holidays is simply to end the public school system. Throw the whole thing out; privatize the whole works. That way the government isn't involved at all.

Oh, wait. Can't have that. Our government schools are indoctrination centers, after all.

Still, in my dreams, I think about how nice it would be if we had a school system like Japan's. In Japan, there is always public school. But if you want to go to a better school you can take entrance exams and pay the tuition for a private school--and there are all kinds of private schools out there.

Even better, though, would be the system of some Scandinavian country--I can't recall which one--which ties funding to the student, and whichever school the kid and his parents select is the one that gets the money, so there is competition for students among schools. So each school has to try to be the best it can be.

But there are no feather beds in a system like that. Teachers get paid more, but they have to be good teachers, because anything that lowers a school's "customer satisfaction" cannot be tolerated. Lower customer satisfaction means lower attendance. So if a teacher sucks, or is a moron, or sexually assaults the kids, he won't have a powerful union to protect his sorry ass; he'll be out the door.

Let's face the facts: our public school system--being a government bureaucracy--does not regard its primary mission to be educating children. It's main job is to employ educators. To spend government education money.

And the money is not usually spent wisely. Here in Crete they just finished building a $60 million high school and can't find $15,000 to buy new pianos.

* * *

I can't go on talking about the educational system without going off on a myriad of tangents about this and that. Look: it's all broken. 'Nuff said.

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