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#6473: I refuse to work any more days this year.

After today, I'm not working one more day until it's 2019! I've had it. Once 7PM comes I am taking the rest of the year off.

* * *

"But Coca Cola don't charge A$2869 per bottle and deliver it bent." That has been a perennial problem with Apple: they charge exorbitant prices for their stuff. And Apple's response to perfectly reasonable complaints usually approximates, "Get used to it."

Remember the phones that had lousy reception? "You're holding it wrong." Your two thousand dollar iPad Pro is bent, right out of the box? "That happens in production. Too bad."

Not to mention that their computers are overpriced and underpowered. But hey! They run MacOS and you'll be the envy of the coffee shop set, as you sit there and wait for your spreadsheet to recalculate, sipping latte mochagagliosettas or whatever the hell beverage it is that they torture coffee beans into yielding.

* * *

25%. The thing is, when you have a gander at the Tomatometer, that usually shows the truth rather neatly.

The latest iteration of Doctor Who, with its female Doctor, is playing extremely well with critics. The media are playing up this success, and further are cheerleading the viewership even as it declines. "Six million people watched the latest episode!!!" ...six million being the nadir, and a typical one; when David Tennant was in that role that was the low point of the series' popularity. Now suddenly six million is huge and amazing even though it's down considerably from the season premiere with a female Doctor.

But the problem is, critics don't watch the show. Not regularly. And even if they did, there aren't enough of them to make up for the loss of the regular audience.

So you have a show that the critics love and the audience hates, and this way lies ruin.

* * *

Can we please dispense with the idea that "Imagine" was great art? It's not. It's an insipid, vapid tune, and the leftist vision it advocates is a recipe for horror on an unprecedented scale--yes, even greater than the leftist scourge of the 20th century.

Oh, but it says "nothing to kill or die for". So of course no one would be killed. Right?

The thing that makes me right-wing is the realization that any political system that fails to account for human nature is doomed to failure. Leftism--the pie-in-the-sky version of it that the useful idiots think it is--doesn't work because it requires 100% buy-in from everyone. All the people involved need to give up self-interest and work hard for the collective good, understanding that those who can work the hardest will receive exactly as much as those who can work the least. Those who achieve much will be rewarded exactly the same as those who achieve little or nothing. The true believers won't have a problem with that, but true believers are a minority.

The real version of leftism merely stomps on human faces, not caring about anything other than its own power. Reducing everyone not in the ruling elite to grinding poverty is a feature, not a bug, and it's essential to making sure you are in complete control of the proletariat.

And so what happens in Lennon's world? Oh, that's easy: the strong men take over and put on their human-face-stompin' boots, and wipe out a few million proles to make sure everyone understands they mean business, and pretty soon you've got borders again and all the other things Lennon decries in his idiotic little plaint.

No thank you.

* * *

It's a "nice" movie; let's leave it at that. The problem with It's a Wonderful Life (besides the fact that George Bailey is a jerk) is the way people keep raising it up as an exemplar of this or that or the other thing. It is not commie propaganda, though Mr. Potter is a caricature of a capitalist; it is not a "Christian" film, although it uses some Christian themes. Neither is it "the best film ever made".

Given the chance I would include something in the movie that would neatly remove Potter from "caricature" status: Christmas Day he would contact the police.

"This is Potter. I've just discovered that I made a terrible mistake." And he'd go on to explain that Bill had dropped the paper in his lap, and he'd tossed it aside without thinking once in his office, but today his man had picked up the paper and found the missing $8,000.

And you could have a scene where Potter explains what actually happened, to his assistant if no one else. "I've prided myself on never breaking the law," Potter could say, "and yesterday, in my frustration, I bent it rather severely."

Of course everyone involved knows that Potter had noticed the money right away and kept it, intending to get George out of his way. But then showing him to have some ethics would have made him a more complex and interesting character, rather than the typical rich man BAD Hollywood caricature.

And they still could have kept the best line in the movie. Potter saying, "And a happy new year--in JAIL!"

* * *

New season of Orville last night, and it was pretty entertaining.


Speaking of SF, I've been too busy to watch Expanse but we're slowly catching up.


First New Year's Resolution is: FINISH APOCALYPTIC VISIONS. FFS.

Second one is to get on the treadmill at least 2x per week.

* * *

So, here's a funny thing:

Mrs. Fungus got me the first three volumes of Again!!. After that, she noticed that it was by the same artist who'd done Yuri on Ice, and so when I unwrapped it, she told me that if Again!! turned out to be gay, she was sorry.

I told her that "Yuri" refers to girls, not guys, and not to worry about it, but reading the first few pages of A!! made it obvious there was little or no LGBT theme in this story.

Thought I'd check out YoA...and the first ten seconds of the anime set off my gaydar.

Sure enough:
Yuri on Ice has raised discussion concerning its depiction of a same-sex relationship between its protagonists, with some critics praising it for covering homosexuality in a way that differs from most anime and manga such as the yaoi genre, and for dealing with homosexuality in a country and sport that has present-day issues with homophobia. Others criticized its depiction for being unrealistic, and of visual censorship that arguably makes it ambiguous to some viewers.
Meh. Oh well.

* * *

Anyway, here's hoping for a low-key day and a happy new year for all.

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