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#6480: Ah, how pleasant

Had our holiday celebration with my in laws today. A very pleasant time, as always; we watched Chappaquiddick afterwards.

Got back from there, and now we're relaxing a bit.

* * *

This is totally a "dog bites man" story. Anyone who doesn't expect Chicago politicians--especially Machine politicians that have a long history of voting for draconian gun control laws!--to have lots of guns (legal or not) is either naive or just plain stupid.

* * *

China's real GDP growth is rather lower than their official numbers would suggest. I believe this because they are fricking communists and I am constitutionally incapable of placing credence in any statistic quoted by socialists of any stripe.

They lie. They lie a lot, and they lie with a facility and dexterity which is mind-boggling to anyone possessed of an ordinary amount of honesty. It's part and parcel of being a leftist: leftists are always hypocrites and they always lie.

* * *

"A Puerto Rico mayor and two former officials arrested. Accused of taking hurricane relief funds." And they always steal to feather their own nests.

* * *

Over the past few days I've been watching Prison School after seeing a clip of it on YouTube.

It's bizarre and stupid but it's also so over the top, it's funny as hell. If I can borrow a phrase from Steven Den Beste, it's the five-bladed razor of "all-powerful student council" series.

Basic setup is that there's this girls' boarding school, which for the first time has decided to admit boys. Five make the cut; and after they are caught trying to peep on one of the bathing rooms, they're put in "prison" for a month, where they are frequently beaten, and forced to do hard labor. It's a bit vicious in spots and there are some pretty disgusting occurrences. Still, it's so ludicrous it makes me laugh.

Nothing like this could ever happen in the real world, of course--not even close--but that's part of what makes the story so entertaining.

I've also seen more of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K and it's still rapid-fire funny. It hasn't quite risen to the level of the first ep, but it's still very, very entertaining. I watch an ep on my lunch break, and that helps make the day more pleasant.

* * *

Warm and sunny today. Tomorrow, when I must do maintenance on Mrs. Fungus' car, it will be cloudy and cooler. *sigh* That's how it goes!

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