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#6484: Again, where are the drug arrests?

Vox Day about the rich Democrat donor who seems to have bad luck keeping his black guests alive.

Keep an eye on this story, we are cautioned, because among other things the "person of interest" is a Hillary donor.

Hmm: big-time Democrat donor getting let off the hook for circumstances which would lead to most people being jailed.

* * *

Well, isn't this an interesting situation:
"...all the information up until yesterday has been that the shooter was an older white male in a red truck, that came from not only one of the victims, 15-year-old Alexis, but from an eyewitness nearby."

He added, "We had at least four independent witnesses who believed the shooter in this situation was a white male ... To learn that it wasn't, isn’t disappointing, but it is surprising."
7-year-old black girl shot by...uh. What, it wasn't a white man who shot her? Even though you have four witnesses saying that a white man committed a hate crime and shot that poor little girl?

Turned out to be a black man in his early twenties, aided and abetted by another black man in his early twenties, one of whom claims they "shot at the wrong vehicle by mistake", and you know what that means?

It means gang activity.
Jazmine's family had told authorities that the gunman was a white man driving a red pickup truck, which stirred fears among community activists that race played a role in the attack.
Perhaps "Jazmine's family" was afraid of the consequences should they finger gangbangers as the culprits. Or maybe they were just indulging in wishful thinking.

Or maybe it was just so there'd be a big to-do about it and they'd get media attention and free money. Who can tell anymore?

* * *

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize was an attempt to bolster him. Didn't work.

But hey! Thanks to Obama's policies the US is number one for sex trafficking and pedophilia!

* * *

The costs of diversity?
Diversity is a tribal sham. But it's delicious to praise from high perches. Whites who get in the door never feel the pain of having their face slammed in it.

Well, I know one father and son who just got their noses broke. Did they think having the luxury of living in a country with millions of people who hate you was just going to be cost free? No, diversity is a luxury. Just not for any of the people actually paying for it. So their son will glumly take his 1500 SAT to a mid-tier state college, where he will promptly be regaled with encomiums to diversity. Perhaps he will Email a list of its benefits back to his father.

It really is funny how myopia seems to be culturally communicable. Haitians didn't massacre right-wing whites in 1804; they massacred all of them. Mugabe didn't kill or confiscate from right-wing whites; he killed and confiscated all of them. Affirmative action and diversity aren't programs against Bad Whites, they're programs against all of them. Yet white liberals only comprehend what cuts their own forearm.
And let's add here that South Africa isn't seizing the property of right-wing whites, but all of them.

The problem is that leftists seem to think that caring about issues like this will exempt them from their consequences. I can tell you, the mob of people who hate you for your skin color won't give a rat's ass whether you argued in their favor or not; they'll still lynch you. That's true regardless of whose skin is which color.

* * *

People ask me why I don't want to go into Chicago.

This is why.

The police--I mean the actual patrol officers--are aghast that they are not allowed to do anything (read Second City Cop) but their commanders are political people who obey the Machine, and the Machine says "don't do anything to fix this." One would presume that the Machine finds these gangs advantageous one way or another.

* * *

Prominent Democrats claim that walls won't keep out illegals but they have nice high walls around their homes. And if the proposed wall wouldn't at least make it harder for illegal aliens to enter the country, they wouldn't be opposing it so vociferously, would they? I mean, it's not like Democrats care about wasting government money.

But Democrats love to say "It won't work!" when something they don't like is proposed. Given the example of "drill, baby, drill," which the Democrats said wouldn't work, though, I tend to think that a wall would work, very well.

* * *

Incidentally, Democrats have wanted to impeach every Republican President since Eisenhower.

* * *

Newly-elected muslim congresscritter from Michigan said, in a tweet, "Americans have spent decades raping and pillaging my people. What goes around comes around." That was posted January 4th, 2019.

So, good going, Michigan.

* * *

A thorough takedown of "renewable" energy, right here.

The thing is, if you exclude biomass and consider only wind and solar, about one percent of energy production comes from those sources. Most of the "renewable" energy is from biomass. That sounds great until you find out that "biomass" includes people cutting down trees and burning wood, and that most of the "biomass" usage falls under that category.

I take the pronouncements of "new clean green" energy with a rather large block of salt. It's all horseshit, and I knew it beforehand.

* * *

Mark Steyn is making an interesting point, here. China has already peaked, he says, and is already in decline; demographically speaking they are already heading to where Japan is now.

I find that interesting, mainly because I saw the analog to present-day China in 1980s Japan years ago. China is where Japan was in 1985-ish, but without the truly free capitalist economy Japan had then.

The result is not going to be any better for China than it was for Japan. Which is to say, they're not going to peak and then descend into stark poverty or anything, but they're also not going to take over the world.

* * *

Well, yesterday seemed to pass pretty quickly. Not sure why that is, but I didn't mind.

Guess I need to figure out what's for lunch, though. Perhaps "dinner" is a more appropriate term for it.

Tomorrow morning, before work, I need to go buy a new UPS for the modem. High winds today; the power died for about five seconds, and that dropped my connection to work for nearly ten minutes while the modem rebooted and reconnected. So I'll hie myself over to Best Buy, I suppose, and pick up a UPS. Not what I want to do with my morning, or that $50-ish, but oh well. Gotta have a good solid internet connection for work!

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