atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6485: I suppose I could just disconnect the antenna.

Smart appliances. No thank you. I want simple and direct. I do not need an internet-enabled stove, or refrigerator, or washer, or WTF-ever. I don't even want a smart TV.

In most cases you can simply choose not to configure the stuff for Internet access, which helps, but not completely. Probably the only way to be sure is to void your warranty and cut traces on the circuit board, thus isolating the WiFi transceiver from its antennas. Or go onto the router and exclude the thing's MAC address.

* * *

"The address was a huge challenge to the Democrats." Depending on how you parse that, it's either good, or great.

"Good": Trump's calling them out and telling them to put up or shut up.

"Great": They can't easily cope with what Trump is doing.

YMMV, but one of them is good and one is great; which is which is probably a matter of opinion. Certainly this beats trying to figure out how to knuckle under to them without losing votes, which is the GOP's usual MO.

* * *

CBS helpfully deletes statistic demonstrating that Trump is right.

Trump said 33% of women in the migrant caravan were raped on their way to the US border. Amnesty International said, no, it was closer to 75%. CBS reported that, then deleted it when someone realized that it made the issue Trump had raised look even worse. Can't have that; definitely can't report anything that makes it look like Trump has a point!

Well, of course...but naah there's no media bias or anything.

* * *

This is the kind of thing the Democart machine does everything in its power to prevent. Short form: when the police were minutes away at best, seconds counted; confronted with an armed mugger, she pulled out her legally-owned-and-carried handgun and shot the bastard.

One less armed criminal to worry about.

* * *

Go back and look at the first thought balloon in this XKCD. "I can't get over the fact that trees are made of air," it says.

It's even better than that. In actuality, trees are mostly made of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water, and sunlight. In order of importance, it's actually CO2, sunlight, water, nitrogen, and then a bunch of trace elements.

Granting the use of poetic license, then, we can say "I can't get over the fact that trees are made of CO2."

More CO2=more plants. If it's warmer because of the extra CO2 (which is doubtful) then that's also a benefit.

* * *

The blood has run thin, all right.

* * *

Supposed to snow a bit this weekend. "1-3 inches," they say. Hmm.

Today is already Wednesday, which is a bit surprising to me. Oh well.

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