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#6487: I think Louise gave me tuberculosis.

You don't donate to the GOP anyway. "I have supported many Republicans in elections," the guy says. Sure you have. Sure. Who? Which elections?

He says the GOP "...continues to champion policies that marginalize me out of existence, define me as an eccentric character and persecute me for using the public restrooms that correspond to my gender identity." He looks like Moammar Gaddafi in lipstick and a wig, for fuck's sake; I don't think it gets more "eccentric" than that.

* * *

So, government shutdown, day...what day is it, now? Anyway: what the press would have you believe.

Francis Porretto talks about how the press is treating the whole thing, and that image is about it.

The Democrats keep talking about the "poor federal employees" as if they weren't getting an unscheduled but fully-paid (eventually) vacation. Sure, they don't get paid right now; but they do, eventually, get paid.

That's the thing about federal employees: if they are furloughed because of a government shutdown, they get paid for the time off. They get paid for it, and they never have to make it up. They don't use up vacation days or sick leave or anything else for it. It's a 100% paid vacation.

Meanwhile, the left is doing what it does best, which is to say lying and propagandizing.

But of course there's no media bias.

And they really can't stand it that Trump stood up to Pelosi and Schumer. They characterize his departure from a fruitless negotiation session as a "temper tantrum" precisely because it's such an effective move.

Meanwhile, some Democrats are turning to open sedition.

* * *

Why is this so? Jet fuel is extra-cheap in Asia, but very spendy here.

When I last left the house (Tuesday evening, to get a pizza) gas was $1.869 here in the Fungal Vale, which is lower than I've seen it in over a decade. (Last time was I think 2014 when it was $1.999.) Understand that when you factor inflation into it, that is dirt friggin' cheap for gasoline. So, WTF, there's more kerosene in a given quantity of crude oil than there is gasoline; why is jet fuel so costly?

I'd bet on it being EPA regulations. $5 says the EPA has strict controls on jet fuel, making it cost a hell of a lot more here than it needs to, solely because MUH ENVROMNETS!

Ah, well.

* * *

Our energy policy is utterly nonsensical. How to fix it:
Phase 1. A comprehensive design effort (on the order of The Manhattan Project) to create easily manufactured modern nuclear power plants that can be built quickly and with existing manufacturing infrastructure.

Phase 2. Build 200 of them.

Phase 3. Decrease domestic fossil fuel use dramatically.

Phase 4. Become the only world fossil fuel superpower, simultaneously shrinking the ability of Russia to finance its expansionist policies, destroying the funding for many terrorist groups, and realigning geopolitics away from the Middle East and other oil producing nations.
If reducing "greenhouse gas emissions" was the goal, eco-nuts would champion this. But they don't want just to reduce emissions, but to reduce overall power consumption. When they talk about reducing emissions, they mean lowering everyone's standard of living to something they regard as "sustainable".

Well, everyone's, that is, but their own.

All the proles can go freeze in the dark, but the big-time elite eco-nazis will of course still enjoy air travel and central heating and reliable electricity, even if they need to have big dirty diesel generators in their garages to do it.

Absent their desire for "sustainable living"? Following a plan like that one would make electricity so cheap that people would be demanding electric cars so they could save on gasoline. 200 power plants is four per state, FFS, and not every state would need four.

* * *

Here's why I'm valuable: I just fixed a problem with Microsoft Office that I'd never even heard of before, but because I had access to the tools, was able to figure out how to fix on my own.

* * *

So, that would-be mugger who got ventilated on Chicago's south side? Yes, he was "turning his life around" all right. He'd been out of jail for a month after having six "aggravated battery"--felony--charges dropped in a plea bargain.

Welp--he's not going to commit any more crimes now, is he?

* * *

AHHH HA HA HA HA HA! AHHHH HA HA HA HA HA! Laughing AT the Oscars Committee, decidedly not with them.

Imagine that: people don't want to volunteer to be stripped, dragged through a thicket of thorny plants, and then dunked in Tabasco. Or to endure the social media equivalent.

If you take that job, you immediately get an anal exam with a backhoe, because every person you ever pissed off with a quip or wisecrack comes wriggling out of the woodwork. "He said bad things!" And then everyone gangs up on you in an attempt to destroy you.

So, ha ha, good going, asshats. It's taking an already dull and useless waste of pageantry and making it even more redundant.

* * *

This is pretty f-ing funny, I agree. When people who protest things with the threat of violence have the tables turned on them, it is most entertaining to see them cower.

* * *

The whole Yellow Vest thing has not gone away.

The French government wants to criminalize their behavior. Bad idea. Believe me, bad idea.

* * *

They are so easily fooled. All you need to do is to regurgitate their pap right back into their faces, and they lap it up.
To prove that the academy was no longer interested in scholarship but groupthink political activism, he and his confederates wrote a series of absurd papers to see if Grievance Studies Journals would publish them.

Not only did they publish them, but one of the obviously-fake NPC papers was officially awarded for being one of the very best articles the journal had published in its 25 years of existence.
And when they are exposed for the academic frauds that they are, they seek vengeance.

* * *

Microsoft broadens the sphere of technology again. Unable to produce bloatware quickly enough, they now turn to vaporbloatware to fill in the gaps.

Windows Update will now reserve 7 GB of disk space, permanently, for its own use. Why 7? Why not an even power of two like 8 GB or even 16 GB?

Maybe 16 GB will be for the next version of Windows.

* * *

Her life is in danger because she had the audacity to leave islam. Leaving a religion is "apostasy" and islam rewards that with death. Of course. The death cult rewards everything with death. It's what it does.

* * *

Illinois is boned, part 254,345.

* * *

This is a really interesting video. I can't help feeling as if it was narrated by Homestar Runner, though.

* * *

So, in Disatrous Life of Saiki K they've introduced a new character: Mikoto Aiura, who's a psychic. She can sense auras and foretell the future; and she transfers to his school because her reading of her own future showed that her One True Love went there. She rapidly discovers his secret and realizes he's the one.

She's a gyaru-type, meaning she's tanned and has blond hair and so forth. But she's intelligent, and her character has a lot more dimension than the other characters in the series.

Just looked at the manga on-line, and it doesn't extend as far as her introduction. Argh etc.

* * *

Today is Thursday, and it's cold and cloudy outside. The going theory is that it will snow on Saturday, and the prediction of 1-3 inches has not changed. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I got some fresh spackle, and this morning I daubed it in a few cracks and crevices in the bathroom, thus officially kicking off the 2019 remodeling season. The bathroom will not take a lot of work to paint; the real work is in the prep--but since the wall that I re-sheathed has been mudded and primed, I'd say most of that prep work is done. Painting the ceiling will take me ten minutes--which is to say the actual painting part will take that much time; draping the dropcloths and everything will take much longer than the actual painting does. It's a very small room--about twelve by six--so it won't take a lot of time, or paint, to get the ceiling done.

Once the ceiling dries, then mask everything and do the walls. But first I need to complete the spackling.

The big job is the seam between the drywall and the tub surround on the wall I re-sheathed. That part I will do Saturday, when I don't have to worry about having to stop that to start working; but that same day I will paint the ceiling. (Because, as I said, it won't take much time.) But the myriad of little spots, those I can do any time I please. Heck, I did a little work on it while I was on break, this afternoon.

* * *

Jeep hasn't given me any signs of the stalling trouble, but I noticed something: after I redid the ground, I had set the clock on the radio and set some radio presets. After the Jeep had the issue again, I belatedly realized--like, over a week later--that the clock had lost the time and my radio presets had disappeared.

That would seem to indicate that the battery had utterly died, and that the reason for the "running badly" was indeed because when I first started it, it was running in "limp" mode, and learning to idle, only I shut it off before it could fully learn.

So: needs a new battery, definitely, since the one in it now is a mere eight years old.

* * *

Funny bit: Mrs. Fungus and I played a little WoW last night, and my toon got attacked by a dust louse.

Mrs. Fungus: "What is that? A Dust Louise?"

Me: "...'Louise'?"

* * *

Anyway, it's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday...and then, the weekend. Whee!

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