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#6488: Wow, is it really three weeks?

I told you they'd get paid.

They always get paid. Always.

And I have no sympathy for them. None whatsoever, because they're getting an unscheduled and paid three-week (so far) vacation.

NYT apparently did an editorial which proved the opposite of the point it was supporting.

* * *

The real story behind Deities and Demigods and the removal of things like Elric and Cthulhu from the third edition.

Great story.

* * *

Our "unbiased" media is carefully excluding stories about how having a physical barrier at your border can help control illegal immigration.

Party line is that the wall won't do anything. Well, a decade ago, party line was that drilling for oil wouldn't reduce the price of gasoline. Go figure.

Trump wants wall, campaigned on building it; Democrats want Trump out so they're determined not to let him have it. Because they know that if Trump gets his wall, they lose big in 2020.

* * *

Yep, it's still high-speed FAIL. Stupid, useless train line no one wants or needs, and it's projected now to cost nearly $100 billion to build the thing. It's nothing but a colossal waste of time and money.

* * *

This ship is too expensive to use in combat.
In 2001, at the very beginning of the Zumwalt program, Lockheed Martin estimated each LRLAP [Long Range Land Attack Projectile] round would cost about $50,000--expensive, but fair considering each was practically guaranteed to hit its target. But cutting the number of ships built from 32 to 3, along with the rising development costs, dramatically increased the cost of each round to up to $800,000 each. That was too expensive even for the U.S. Navy, and the service announced it would not buy the LRLAP.
Even $50,000 per round is too much. The rounds are GPS-guided; in a war against someone like Iran that wouldn't really be an issue, but one good EMP burst and half your satellites will go "poit", and your fancy $50,000 shell assumes the same accuracy as a paperweight.

Meanwhile, Iowa-class battleships can still hit something twenty miles away with pretty fair dinkum accuracy--or could, anyway, up until the last of them were retired. I'd wager the shells and powder for their 16-inch guns didn't cost any $50,000 per round.

* * *

Karl Denninger opines on Ms. Ocasional-Cortex's plan to force proles to freeze in the dark. And to be heavily taxed for the privilege.

* * *

I'm glad today is Friday. But it looks like it's going to snow.

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