atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6491: Well, that was kind of a dud, but only "kind of"

Managed a couple of things, at least, but so far no work one the bathroom.

The oil in Mrs. Fungus' car--at 5,000 miles the "maintenance" light goes on and stays on, and remains on until you reset it. It's a reminder to change the oil. Mrs. Fungus is convinced that her car will explode if the oil is not changed when that light goes on, which is not true, but I'd rather have her nervous about it than not care at all.

"How long has this light been on?"

"I think, since I got it?"

"AIEEEE", this is better.

Anyway, needed oil, and I was out of my pills, so I went to Walmart. Turns out Walmart had everything on my shopping list today, and some things that weren't, like a new UPS for the modem.

The old UPS died unexpectedly, late in 2018. I thought I mentioned it in a prior post, but after looking at all posts for October and November, and most of December, I can't find it. Either I didn't remark on it, or it happened earlier in the year than I thought. Either way, no idea when it died, but today I bought its replacement.

I'd done a little on-line shopping, trying to find a good price; this is just for the modem and it doesn't need to be a high-zoot power backup--just something to keep the modem powered during brief outages, like the one that happened last Tuesday and knocked me off-line for better than fifteen minutes while the modem powered back on and reconnected. The lights were out for maybe five, ten seconds at most. Anyway, little UPS units were about $50-$60 depending on brand, capacity, and store.

Today, at Walmart, I got there and saw the pharmacy was closed for lunch, so I did the rest of my shopping, wanting to get some paint supplies and a few other things. Happened to browse through the electronics section and thought, "Why not look for a UPS?" And found one that was $50 at Best Buy, but $40 at Walmart, so I grabbed it.

Incidentally, LCD TVs are getting stupid cheap. I could have walked out of there with a 32" TV for well under $150 with tax. (If the GigantoTron ever dies, I know where to go.) They had a 40-odd inch 4k TV for under $300. None of these are big-name brands, but so what? The $500 that Mom paid for my 47" TV (the belated graduation present), that would buy approximately the same size TV in 4k--and in fact I found one no-name brand TV at Best Buy, 4k, 65" screen, for $500. Aieee.

So, got my painting supplies, got the other sundries, got my pills. Got home, put the UPS in, and then had some food and changed the oil in Mrs. Fungus' car.

Tomorrow, back to the grind, such as it is.

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