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#649: Ethanol is not a green fuel.

YouTube link.

John Stossel explains why. I like John Stossel. I wonder why ABC even lets him anywhere near a camera. Well, after his story on global warming, maybe they won't, anymore.

BTW the comments for that latter link are hilarious.

* * *

Mark Steyn, whose brain I envy, comments on the SCHIP veto. Awesome.

Democrats want to expand SCHIP so that more people get government health insurance. They're trying to socialize our medical system incrementally. Bush vetoed it, and the Democrat-controlled congress failed to override his veto.

Democrats are currently hauling out every single circus and piece of bread they can to get people to vote their way next year.

Yes, that's right: the Democrat platform is bread and circuses--socialized bread and circuses.

It's the fundamental problem with democracies, and it's why the US was originally set up to be a republic: sooner or later the voters find out they can vote for whatever they want, and think they can get it all without limit, forever, amen. The only problem is, who pays the bill? Sooner or later every pyramid or Ponzi scheme collapses. It's inevitable. You can't escape it.

* * *

Of course, right now the GOP ain't doing any better. Just for example, George Bush signed the biggest increase in Education funding in history, for crying out loud. (And Teddy Kennedy said "it wasn't enough". Of course.) The federal government spends more than 21% of our GDP every year--more than two trillion dollars--and that figure is never going to get smaller unless our society and economy and government collapse.

If we keep finding new things to spend money on, and taxing the hell out of people to pay for it, sooner or later the well will dry up. That's if nothing else goes wrong in the meantime.

I would say we have not more then two dozen years left of being able to fiddle--and then Rome is going to burn.

The answers are pretty simple.

1) Privatize Social Security, at least partly.
2) Nuclear power, damn it. As much as possible. Stop burning oil and gas to make electricity.
3) Get government out of health care, home financing, and educational financing (ie student loans).
4) Tie school funding to the student and let schools compete for students
6) End income tax and start consumption tax (eg Boortz's "FairTax"). Stop punishing people for earning money
7) End ethanol subsidies. End ALL subsidies, price supports, and other government interference in markets. (Leave tariffs, though.)
8) Inaugurate "x prizes" to solve problems. (EG "$10 billion to the first guy who makes 100,000 electric cars with a 200-mile range on a single charge, costing less than $20,000.")
9) The money that has been saved on subsidies, educational and housing funding, etc, etc, can be used for #8 and to beef up critical infrastructure, like the electrical grid.

...there are more. What I should say is that the answers are not "simple", because implementing them would be politically difficult for many reasons--but they are simply stated, no?

And the more I think about stuff like this, the angrier I get about it. 90% of the things we take for granted from our government are stupid, short-sighted, and ultimately harmful.

And the people who are telling us that "it's for the children!" are the worst offenders.

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