atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6498: Just lie about it!

Francis Porretto explains it best.
BuzzFeed ran a wholly fabricated story that accused President Trump of instructing his former lawyer Michael Cohen to commit, if not an indictable criminal offense, at the very least an indictment of Trump's character adequate to justify his impeachment and removal from office.
This is the thing that the left had an orgasm over, that I saw references to elsewhere, and that I was confident was at best a half-truth.

But no; out and out lie.

The key phrase is "if true". The mind reels with ludicrous stories which--if true--would mean the end of the world as we know it...but which are outright fantasy.

This whole story is a leftist wet dream, nothing more. And this tactic is the only one they have left.

* * *

The Great Blizzard of 2019 failed to materialize, at least in the Fungal Vale. I am going to have to blow down the driveway but I expect to leave that for tomorrow. We got on the order of 5 inches of snow, with a little more possible tonight.

We did get the wind, which is why I'm waiting: blow it down when the stuff's done moving around, I figure.

I'm hearing tell that parts north got more. Well, they can have it.

* * *

The Golden Boy manga was good, to a point, and then it took a turn.

It shifted sideways into this rather long story where Kintaro runs an oden stand and his path intesects with a friend of his from Tokyo University Law School. The guy--Kongouji--is so upright and has such charisma that everyone around him refers to him as "Lord Kongouji" and they quite literally worship him. The story was weird and not entertaining; certainly it wasn't funny.

Anyway I managed to extricate myself from that morasse and the story has returned to more typical episodes, so I won't stop reading it just yet. Came close with that "Kongouji-sama" nonsense, though.

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