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#6501: I've stopped listening

Because of things like this I no longer listen to the mainstream media.

Short form: Catholic kids wearing MAGA hats are accosted and taunted by left-wing asshat. Catholic kids respond with cheerful retorts. Media lies about it, says that Catholic kids, unprovoked, accosted an Indian ("native american") because they are racists, and carefully edits the video to exclude any evidence to the contrary.

Karl Denninger on the same story.

John C. Wright.

Unwanted Blog.

Cold Fury.

And back to AoSHQ, where we see the leftists covering themselves with glory over this. Especially the "wood chipper" one.

The narrative pushed by the media is false. It is propaganda at best; outright lying at worst.

* * *

Larry Correia discusses what happens when these kinds of stories take place, and ends up explaining why the media does it in the first place.

* * *

On assumptions. I do not often link Rotten Chestnuts even though I at least skim it every day. Today, however, there was this tidbit:
... As the Z Man notes today, the Left is immolating itself. Their actions make no rational sense--can only be self-destructive, in fact, and any fool can see it…

...except they're not fools. They're just trapped in their own culture. They believe their own bullshit, as Barack Obama famously quipped, and they have every reason to do so. They own everything. They run everything. Our culture IS their culture, because they control almost all the channels though which culture is transmitted, and the few they don't control--e.g. the nuclear family--they've mortally wounded. They're sitting on Olympus, looking down at the last little pocket of potential resistance, all nicely tucked away and snug in Pearl Harbor, blissfully unaware and utterly defenseless. The only logical thing to do, they assume, is push in all their chips. Bring overwhelming force to bear, and wait for the token resistance to stop flailing around.
This is the Z Man post he links to.
A good example is the two big fake news stories this past week. The first one was an obvious put up job by some hack political operators. There was no way it could hold up under scrutiny. Left-wing media should have attacked it in order to maintain what little credibility they have on these issues. Similarly, they fell for the story about the teenagers and the Indian protester. Official media should have been all over debunking that story, as that would have made them look responsible and humane.

Instead, they helped egg on the feeding frenzy. Even if the facts were as originally presented, normal people will always take the side of a kid over an adult in a situation like this. It's not as if the kids were a gang of blacks attacking an old man in the subway. They just stood their ground and peacefully protested on behalf of their issue. More people were red pilled by that story than by all the alt-right internet memes combined. The media frenzy was suicidal, self-destructive and avoidable.
The other story is, of course, that nonsense about Trump directing Cohen to lie under oath, and the media went after that fake story with the same sort of decorum and restraint as Ted Kennedy going after a cute waitress.

* * *

Oh you're a moderate muslim then it's all good I guess.

* * *

Karl Denninger puts paid to the "there's no inflation" horseshit. The people who say that the national debt is nothing to worry about are the same people who 1) have previously told us that we need to contain it (when Republicans were in charge) and 2) who stand to benefit most from increasing federal spending.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the debt does matter and unback spending does cause inflation.

* * *

Getting 38 years out of a $75 truck is pretty amazing.

The guy bought it in 1981, and in 1981 it was already 24 years old. Now it's 62 years old. (Where did they get 58 from? It's 2019 and the truck was made in 1957.)

Vehicles made in the 1950s do not have much to break, especially pickup trucks and the like. Simplicity makes them durable.

* * *

First 'Polar Vortex' Of 2019 Touted As Evidence Of Global Warming. It's Not
...goes the headline.

Got to love it:
Large swaths of the U.S. are experiencing the first “polar vortex” event of 2019, and The New York Times is out with an article suggesting cold snaps are becoming more frequent because of global warming.
Sure thing, buddy. Sure.

* * *

I think the FBI has outlived its usefulness.

* * *


...meanwhile it's 11° in the Fungal Vale.

F-ing Florida. *rolleyes*

* * *

I have no idea what's going on here and quite frankly I don't think I care, either.

* * *

Hardly. The Mac SE/30 was a neat computer, and very useful, but it hardly deserves to be called "the greatest computer ever".

* * *

This is evil and terrifies me beyond the capacity for rational thought and I'm desperate to try it myself. Maybe on Game of Thrones.

* * *

So, Sunday night it decided to snow agian. We did not get a lot of it.


Finished The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, which was most entertaing. Took a spin through the listing of Amazon's subtitled anime and had better luck this time; added some stuff to the watch list.


Saturday I'd picked up a carver's ham at Jewel. It's a flat piece of meat, boneless and lean, rather than an entire ham; at $20 for 4.5 lbs it looked like a decent investment, meal-wise. Put that in the oven late Saturday afternoon and had it for dinner, along with savory potatoes and carrots.

This ham has the rind on it that you get from smoking, and that rind tastes strongly of nutmeg and clove. It's not bad, but it's not what I'm used to. Still, the ham sandwich I'm eating as I write this tastes plenty good. Dijon mustard fixes the clove taste.


Saw a YouTube video with the title, "Can You Highway a Honda 250 Rebel?" Sort of. As long as the speed limit is 60 and there's no headwind.

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