atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6510: Forecast

5 inches of snow, starting about midnight tonight. Which means tomorrow morning I have to get up about the time Mrs. Fungus does, and go blow down the driveway.

Oh well.

* * *

I am probably getting more pleasure out of powering the MP3 player with that power supply than I ought to, but I think it's pretty cool.

* * *

As for the C64 power supply, I found this transformer which also has a center tap. According to the specifications, the output on the center tap is 6V AC.

Perfect...but for the fact that I don't think it's big enough to provide the power a C64 needs. I need 1.5 amps at 5V and about 1 amp at 9V.

A crying shame, because I otherwise could quite easily use this tranformer to build a C64 power supply, needing to add only parts I that I already have on hand--and it's $12.

But I found that transformer after making only a cursory search online. I'm sure a wider search would yield something suitable. The other option is to get two wall warts, one that outputs 9V AC and one that outputs 5V DC, and bodge them together.

* * *

We'd decided (while on a spontaneous late-night shopping trip) to have pot roast tonight.

My wife wanted me to start the slow cooker before going to bed (we hit the hay at 3 AM for reasons) but I didn't do that because whatever I put in the pot would be mush after twelve hours. I expected to wake up about three or four times, as I usually do; it's typical for me to wake up around 7-8 AM even without an alarm, just to hit the can. I expected this to happen last night because it happens every day, so I figured that when I got up to do that I'd also put the stuff in the pot and get it going.

So, naturally, today was the first day in months that I slept continuously...and woke up at 3 PM.


Probably it has to do with my right shouder. For several days it has been knotted tighter than a professional macrame convention, and nothing would ease the pain and stiffness. I took a hot bath with lots of epsom salts but that only provided temporary relief; before bed I took 1,000 mg of Ibuprofen (which is okay to do as long as you only take it once per 24 hour period). I think that had an effect, because it stopped bothering me, and the poor sleep I got the prior few nights caught up with me.

Oh well. Got the stuff started around 3:30-ish, and it'll be ready for consumption around 8-ish, so it's all good, I guess.

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