atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6512: How the hell is it almost TWO AM???

Well, picked up AV tonight, that's how.

After a hiatus of 87 days, I started work on the story again.

True fact: October 30 was the last time I added anything to the story. Savvy Fungus readers may recall that was the penultimate day of my employment at $Major_Hardware, and it was slow enough that day that I added some to the story. Oct 31 was a Wednesday, and my day off; Nov 1 was, of course, my last day there, and I didn't want to be working on my story when I got the tap on the shoulder, so I didn't do anything with it that day.

And of course since then I just haven't had a minute....

One of my new year's resolutions is to finish it. Here goes.

The latest and greatest is the reader's first explanation as to what the f--- is going on, and as a bonus it brings back an old favorite character that my past friends would recognize: Chet Bach.

Chet's not the same man he was, though he's still got (most of) the strength and he's still an undercover agent--and he still drinks highballs.

Chet's actually the star of my first-ever published story. A short called "Test Run" ran in my high school's "literary" magazine, Shades of Light, in 1983.

...and in fact he is slotting into the new-and-improved universe in the kind of place for which he was originally created. As I originally envisioned the character, he was meant to be kind of an outlaw or something in a very rough universe; Apocalyptic Visions after the "apocalyptic" part fits that fairly decently.

This didn't just come to me, either; I had the idea while driving to my new job. I knew this was going to be what happened next, and have known since at least mid-November. I just needed to get around to it.

Having fun with it...which is probably why I started writing about midnight and banged keys for nearly two hours. Heh.

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