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#6517: Well, now we're just THIRTY degrees below freezing

Instead of FIFTY.

Water freezes at 32°, and when we hit -24° that left us 56 degrees below the freezing point of water. We're now sitting around -1, a mere 33 below the freezing point. On the plus side, this is a lot more typical for a Chicago winter.

The total temperature swing is expected to be 74 degrees from the depths of the coldest night this week until sometime on Sunday, when it's expected to hit 50°.

So let's visit the commentary about it, shall we?

Funny how the record high temperatures aren't being broken as the planet warms, isn't it? Quoth Borepatch: "...[T]his crazy Global Warming doesn't seem to prevent record cold temperatures. What a very, very strange warming."

Coldest global warming ever, bar none.
The thing that puzzles me is how the folks in both the above-linked self-beclownings seem to be clinging to "global warming" still, which I find odd. It was my understanding that a near-unanimous scientific consensus had been reached to abandon that term for the ass-covering Big Tent of "climate change," way more useful for stampeding the sheep and glomming the big-money grants no matter which way the thermometer might point. Guess somebody didn't get the memo.
Honestly, I don't know. I do know that Arse Technica, the Global Warming Resource, had an article up with a headline about Chicago's Transit Authority "setting fire to the tracks" so trains could move, but the article itself was basically "weather isn't climate!" which is what warmistas always say when new cold weather records are being set. And they say that a lot because, well, look at the Borepatch quote above.

Basically, saying "climate change" is what they've turned to precisely because the high temperature records aren't falling. They still claim that human carbon emissions are going to cause runaway global warming, but because reality's not conforming to their expectations they simply throw a blanket over the whole thing and say, "climate change!" The idea is that eventually the warming will appear and vindicate them, but for now because the rubes don't see the obvious truth, we have to say "The temperatures will be high AND low!"

It is, of course, nonsense.

* * *

So, more about the "hate crime" where a supporting actor from a crap TV show was assaulted in the middle of the coldest night in decades by people wearing balaclavas and MAGA hats who just happened to be carrying rope and bleach with them.

Says he was on the phone with his manager when the attack occurred. Police ask to look at the phone. Him: "Nah."

After combing through security camera footage the cops found two people who were walking away from the site of the alleged incident. Little problem: they were walking away from it thirty minutes before the alleged attack took place. So unless someone on the scene had a time machine--

Leading Second City Cop to release pictures of the 'persons of interest'." His skepticism about the particulars of the case is the kind only a seasoned police officer has.

The further this goes, the more firmly convinced I am that it's a hoax, like 99.997% of all other "hate crimes" that make the national media.

* * *

And to complete the rehash, yesterday's bit about the guy offended by coal miners. I really dig the headline of this post: "Evidence of honest labor offends me." That was a quip I wanted to make myself, but a pity way to put it eluded me. I mean, the brief blurb at the end of the nonsense says the writer of that nonsense is "...a husband, father, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, poet and essayist."

So, yeah, evisence that there are men working their asses off to make a living--that offends quite a few people who themselves have never had to do physical labor. Or--even better--"Hey, I had a summer job once when I was a teenager where I had to...." Dude, if you've never made an actual living with any kind of physical labor, just STFU.

Personally, I'd like to see the details of that "Air Force Veteran" thing, too. The Air Force is military and they have certain fitness requirements, but let's face the facts: about 80% of the postings in the military are not combat postings. That porportion changes in time of total war, but we haven't had one of those since 1945. And the Air Force does not have infantry in it, by definition.

And let's face it: a guy who joins the National Guard for four years, does his weekends, and doesn't re-enlist gets to call himself a "veteran" the same way a Marine can, who does five tours in Irag and gets a leg blown off by an IED. This pansy-ass AF "vet" could have enlisted at 18, done a single four-year term in the service, get out at 22, and say, "I'm a veteran!" without ever even leaving the US. Get posted to a base near a major city, and run out his term doing office work--this actually happens.

So, yeah--total weenie.

* * *

Pixy Misa talks about a top-end Intel processor:
Intel closes out January with a bang by launching their 28 core Xeon W-3175X for $2999.

Which is a lot of money--and a lot more than the competing 32 core Threadripper 2990WX at $1799--but a lot less than expected. After all, it's the same chip as the Xeon 8180, which runs around $10,000, just with some interconnects disabled.
It goes into a motherboard costing $1,700.

For what sort of work, I wonder, do you need what Pixy calls "clearly the fastest part Intel can produce"? With just the CPU and motherboard you're already in to the tune of $4,700; that doesn't include memory or storage or anything else. Clearly you could build a computer around that CPU that cost $10,000, but why?

* * *

Shutdown #2 is more-or-less inevitable, because the Democrats know they can't fund Trump's wall and expect any chance of defeating him in 2020. They know it.

Karl Denninger opines, "Pelosi thinks she has Trump backed into a corner and mortally wounded. Reality isn't quite that simple." The funny thing is, while the news media spun the first shutdown as a loss for Trump, the reality, as Denninger says, is not quite so simple as that.

Both sides lost supporters during the shutdown. But Trump didn't lose as much support as his opponents did, and his support got firmer. Which is to say, people who "partly support" moved into the "mostly support" or "completely support" columns. Media can say he "lost" support only by concentrating on that first category and not specifying where those supporters went.

* * *

Who the hell does John Kasich think he is, anyway? What a douchebag. Shit.

* * *

How do you get Hitler?
The thing is, you don't get Hitler because of Hitler--there are always potential Hitlers out there. You get Hitler because of Weimar, and you get Weimar because the liberals are too corrupt and incompetent to maintain a liberal polity.
This is indeed so.

"...Too corrupt and incomptent to maintain a liberal polity." Violent antifa goon went and got himself arrested on felony charges.
This guy is the leader of Smash Racism DC, the Antifa group much praised by Don Lemon which mobbed restaurants to harass Republicans and descended upon Tucker Carlson's home at night. (Alas, there were no casualties.)

He and a mob of Antifa sissies attacked two Marines, accusing them of being "white nationalists" and Proud Boys. When the men said they weren't "white nationalists," but were Hispanic, these loose-assed little cockgoblins began calling them racial slurs like "spic" and started beating them, badly.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the inclusion of racial epithets move this into "hate crime" territory?

Oh, here we are:
[The antifa shitweasel] faces 17 charges, including multiple counts of aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy and terroristic threats, and one count of robbery while inflicting serious bodily injury.
Emphasis mine. That's the "hate crime" part, right there. Good. These antifa come-stains advocate hate crime laws; let them suffer under them.

Make no mistake about it: antifa is a communist organization. Its roots go back to Weimar Germany (at least), where it contested with the National Socialists for control of that country.

They are communists. They are socialists.

And the problem with socialism is you can only vote your way into it. Getting out of it is more difficult.

* * *

Kind-of related, we no longer have rule of law in the US. This is not really news, though, not after Hillary Clinton was given a pass for her private email server.

* * *

"...[S]core one also for the truth about radical feminism."
It is not designed to produce loving caring relationships with men. It is designed to protect women from any and all relationships with men...good, bad and indifferent. But, since women have their needs--did we need feminism to tell us that?--these women do insist on having sex with men. To be blunt about it, if they were not giving it away for free, no man would ever want to deal with them. So, they put out, they have sex, and one suspects that they are rather accomplished at it. And then the men disappear. The men feel used because they are being used. She uses men and allows men to use her. It is not a formula for a relationship... at least not one you can take home to Mom and Dad.
That is the idictment against feminism.

* * *

Surgically mutilating a child. The link to the twitter thread has been disappeared, of course, because anything that speaks against the narrative must be deplatformed and destroyed.

I have to wonder: if there are any leftists who protest female genital mutiliation, do they also protest sex change operations on children? Somehow I doubt it.

But it's basically the same thing.

* * *

Hmm. What IS the common thread for those least-corrupt countries? I wonder.

* * *

Looking at YouTube--

Could we please stop with the "They're Made Out of Meat" videos? I've seen thumbnails for at least five different versions of them.

The basic premise is two aliens having a discussion about humans. One has been to Earth and is delivering a report to a superior, who is incredulous and aghast that human beings are made entirely of meat, that they are born, live, and die, composed of nothing but meat.

It is a neat conceit for an SF story--the videos are based on an SF short--but really, guys, can we just stop? It's not that neat. FFS.

* * *

Well--tomorrow is Friday, at long and dear last. It feels as if there was an additional day inserted into this week, somehow. WTF.
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