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#6520: The reaction is only surprising until you realize

Interestingly enough, the governor of Virgina, a Democrat, is being pilloried by his own party for dressing up in blackface for Halloween 35 years ago.

I found that greatly surprising, until Larry Correia pointed something out:
I was foolish and spoke too soon. I should have asked myself, do the Democrats have something political to gain by sacrificing this guy? Yep. Then under the bus he goes.
If he was being replaced by a republican, then this would've been a youthful indiscretion. My bad.
He's right. The Democrat party has, as its sole inviolable principle, obtaining and retaining power. Anything which furthers that goal is fair game to them.

So, a racially insensitive Halloween costume from over three decades ago, that's either (as Larry says) a "youthful indiscretion", or it's racism verging on hate crime--but which one depends solely on whether it makes the Democrat party weaker, or stronger. Where lies the greatest advantage? That's the path they'll take.

In this case, the party has decided the greatest gain comes from throwing the guy under the bus. And so, under the bus he goes.

You see, the Democrat party is the party of racism and they have to show that they're not.

Vox Day points out that the guy's opponent in the last election missed rather a big stick with which to club him. Oh, but "that's not who we are" so we'll be nice and not make use of his obvious racism to help us win an election.

So after getting up and making a big apology and giving CNN a chance to label him as a Republican (oh, by mistake of course) now the racist is saying "No, that wasn't me in that picture," nope, not him at all, even though it is on a yearbook page containing nothing but pictures of him. Well, "of, or including, him."

Apparently that picture was of two guys, neither of which was him, and it was on his yearbook page because...well....

I do want to revisit that whole (R) thing, though. Remember when Eliot Spitzer was in the news for whatever sexual peccadillo it was that got him in trouble, and in a picture containing him and his wife, Reuters felt it necessary to identify that ELIOT Spitzer was the person on the right, so they said "Eliot Spitzer (R)" in the caption.

This Fungus post is where I lay on the sarcasm about it.
A Reuters spokesman was later quoted as saying that the "(R)" was meant to indicate which person in the photograph was Eliot Spitzer, Democrat. (Hint: it was not the woman.)
Thanks for clarifying that, guys.

And I was able to add this image tag in Faceboob for future reference:

* * *

Meanwhile, in Chicago, the police continue to hunt for racists who do not appear to be real.

Second City Cop details the lastest in the alleged hate crime wherein a second-rate actor from a crappy TV show alleges he was attacked by two men wearing both balaclavas and MAGA hats, wandering around at 2 AM on the coldest night in years with bleach and rope just itching to find a black man to oppress.

Second City Cop asks, "Would you like to know what detectives are telling us?"
It never happened. CPD is wasting hundreds of man hours to solve a Grindr date gone bad. The "victim" is refusing all forms of cooperation, his "ear witness" isn't cooperating, the Hollywood press is running with a non-existent narrative. The "persons of interest" are all but unidentifiable and left the area 20 minutes before the "attack," not to mention the anonymous witness who saw a "hillbilly looking" character that not a single camera in a one mile radius has a picture of.
You need to watch out for those "hillbilly-looking characters", after all.

Seriously, have you ever tried wearing a ball cap over a ski mask? Why would you bother? Though I suppose if anyone were to try that, it would be a "hillbilly-looking character", so at least that part of this makes sense.

So, yeah. Pretty sure this is a hoax; my certitude on that point has not wavered since I first learned of the case.

* * *

If you think the SJW/NPC crowd are not the true face of leftism, you are mistaken.

* * *

Well, well, well. So, remember the famine in Ethiopia? If you were around in the mid-1980s there was at least one Christmas season where--if you paid any attention at all to popular entertainment--you got bludgeoned over the head with the famine in Ethiopia.

And what do I see in the blockquoted text, but:
Deforestation was particularly encouraged during the country's period of communism, in 1974–91, when the government nationalized the land, including the large estates of the church, and distributed it to people who converted swathes to farmland.
Oh, gee! It was communist when all those people were starving! Imagine that! Communism leading to starvation! Why, that kind of thing absolutely never, never ever happens under communism!

And of course the absolute worst thing about it is that after the US sent all kinds of food aid there, then we learned that the famine was entirely political when someone discovered that the rulers of the country were not distributing the food.

...deforested 95% of the land in the country to grow food and still people starved. Yeah, socialism is just the fucking greatest, isn't it?

* * *

Tuesday and Wednesday nights I kept hearing noises like this. Most interesting.

* * *

Nope. Short form: girl is punched, tasered, and dragged down the stairs. Her father is unhappy about this and wonders why there are even police in the school in the first place.
Well, we're pretty sure the cops are stationed there because of people (folks?) like your daughter - attacking staff, security and finally cops. She got tasered because she almost chewed off an officer's thumb. She got smacked because she punched the other officer in the testicles--twice--and we aren't supposed to taser more than twice. She got dragged down the stairs because she was grappling with the officers who got dragged down the stairs by her.
So I went to the article Second City Cop linked and read it, and then--uncharacteristically--watched the video as well.

Apparently there is a broad swath of the general population which has never been told this, so I include this as a public service announcement. In your interactions with police, there are a few behaviors which you will find it best to avoid. These behaviors include kicking, biting, and spitting. When a police officer tells you to do something, generally speaking it's a good idea to do it, rather than to resist. If police attempt to escort you out of a building, fighting them will not go well for you.

Try cooperating with police instead of acting like a savage. You might find that works better.

* * *

I find it interesting that the homosexual movement is threatened by the transgender movement. Prior to the current fad (touched off by Bruce Jenner's sudden transition into "Caitlyn") they were one big happy weird family, LGBT (with the "T" standing for "transgendered").

Interesting, but I still don't care all that much.

* * *

It's true. We've been making bread for five millennia; and suddenly, over the course of a decade, we're all gluten-intolerant? Really?

Somehow I doubt it.

* * *

Up too late last night, up too early today, and too many chores to justify going back to bed. *sigh*

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