atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6521: Well, that's more time.

Need to take more of Og's time in Purgatory after the job he did with installing the whole-house water filter. The job isn't finished, but he did the most technical part of it, leaving the easy-peasy part for me to do. Which I will.

Need to go to Menards for some bits and pieces, which I'll do tomorrow.

But I got to watch someone sweat pipes who also took pains to explain to me what he was doing and why, which means I might just be able to do some of that myself, if needed. Not as adroitly as he did, but having seen it and having had it explained to me, I should be able to manage.

So: I was looking at the laundry room, which has never been well-lit, and was thinking about how I could install a new lighting fixture, and what I'd need to do it...and suddenly realized that I already had everything needed on hand. So I installed a two-tube fluorescent fixture over the laundry tub, and it goes on when the regular room light does, and now it's lit like a football stadium in there. Hooray!

Next up is to pressure-test the piping Og did, then run Pex lines to and fro. Need some Sharkbites for the water supply line, and a double handful of 90° bends, and probably another couple bags of crimp rings; also a Pex tubing cutter. And I've decided that I am going to buy a trigger-start propane torch, just in case any of the joints need reflowing. Oh, and an augur bit to make holes for the Pex tubing to pass through into the crawl space.

But, yeah. What Og did today is probably 70% of the job, if not 80%. The rest should be fairly simple; and once that's all done and in and leak-free, we just need to run a faucet for an hour or so to wash all the gunk out of the new plumbing.

Best part? He plumbed in a provision for a water softener, so if that's ever needed, I don't need to play a plumber $100 an hour to install it. Bring it in, hook up the lines, flip a couple valves, and off we go. (Oh, and plug it in. There's an outlet right there.)

Doing the Pex looks fairly straightforward; the hard part will come when it's time for me to fit my fat ass through the bulkhead and into the crawlspace. But that won't be this weekend.

I've got this to do; then I have to work on painting the bathroom--but the spackling is now 99% finished in there. Only a little more sanding remains, and then it'll be time for paint. The east wall and the soffet will get painted in the new color; the north and west walls will remain as they are for the time being. We want new fixtures but aren't sure what to get that will match the new color, so we want to see it first. And even without that, when I do the west wall, I need to take down the medicine cabinet and the lights and remove the toilet tank in order to do a proper job.

But we are getting there.

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