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I had not intended to link or comment about this until I saw the following comments from someone who believes no one has ever landed anything on the Moon:

"Where's there stars. Why didn't they take a photo while facing earth? Some pictures, there's no sun and the moon looks like shit."

In order:

"Where's there stars." The stars aren't visible because the scene is daylit. If you set the camera so that it could photograph the stars, the entire image would be washed out by glare from the Moon's surface and you'd STILL get nothing.

"Why didn't they take a photo while facing earth?" Because the thing landed on the far side of the Moon, from where the Earth is not visible, ever.

"Some pictures, there's no sun and the moon looks like shit." What do you expect it to look like? Rockefeller Plaza? And every last picture there is lit by the sun. Does he mean "shadow"? Who knows?

* * *

37-year-old illegal alien rapes 11-year-old girl. Reporter tries to hide the fact that the pervert in question is an illegal alien by leaving this one fact until the very last line of the article: "The Associated Press reported that he also faces a federal immigration detainer." You do not face a federal immigration detainer unless your immigration status is in doubt.

* * *

The Rams don't have to worry about going to the White House now, do they? Heh.

* * *

So, here we go: Virginia governor "Blackface" Northam has a liuetenant governor, of course, only he turns out to be a sexual predator, at least by the standards the Democrats and the media wanted to apply to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh prior to his confirmation.

There's no question that "Coonman" Northam has to go, either. Democrats have never hesitated to hound out of office any Republican for whatever scandal got traction; it's long past time for the GOP to start doing the same.

Kurt Schlicter said it best:

* * *

Maybe if the news media actually had any integrity, people would be interested but what people don't want is to have to pay for the privilege of being force-fed leftist propaganda. Most people.

Certainly they're not going to make it a vacation destination.

* * *

That old piano in your living room may be worth hundreds NOTHING! Not surprised at all. Anyone who's actually tried to sell furniture wouldn't be surprised by this, either.

* * *

You have only yourself to blame for this. If you want to ride on one wheel, buy a unicycle.

* * *

James Woods brings up a good point. How long has it been since we last saw Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Is she still alive?

* * *

Look at all the big names on this list. Evidence preservation letters were sent to those people. If they delete anything (such as tweets calling the kids racist) they can be in serious trouble for doing so.

Hit them fast, hit them hard, and don't let up.

* * *

Had a hankering to watch the old Tenchi Muyo! OVAs last night. I have like three versions of the series--VHS, LaserDisk, and DVD. Problem: of the three, the latter is the most easily accessible, but I can't find them.

I could put my hands on the laserdisks in a matter of seconds, but then I'd have to find patch cords and dig out the LD player and-and-and. The videotapes are buried in a closet but I know right where they are and could get at them with a little digging, but that set only goes through ep 6 as I recall. I also can't remember if I ever bought eps 1-6 on LD.

The DVD set is comprehensive...but it's in a zippered DVD case which has been misplaced. It is in a box, somewhere in the spare bedroom, but which box? That DVD case also contains the DVD copies of things like Kimi ni Todoke and Haruhi and others. It was in the family room until I cleared everything out so I could paint, and come to think of it that may have been the last time I saw the thing.

I know only that it did not get thrown away. Otherwise, God alone knows where it is. *sigh*

So, instead of doing that, I dug into a couple boxes in the basement, and found a short stack of anime magazines (Shounen Jump and Animerica Extra, all from 2003) that I don't care to keep. There's room in that box now for things I do want to keep, so that's a plus.

Well, could be worse, I suppose.

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