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Holy crap are those reporters pussies. Laid-off journalist crying because people are telling him to learn to code.

A lot of people are telling journalists to learn to code because when coal miners were being laid off in droves, the press uncritically parroted Obama's statement that the coal miners should go back to school and learn computer science.

...because of course people living in dirt-poor Appalachian country have so many options for going back to school. Why, there's a world-class junior college on every other block there, and tuition is ridiculously cheap! /sarcasm

Even if my sarcastic statement were true? Not everyone can do it. Some people are smarter than others, and some of those guys aren't coal miners solely because they couldn't get into Harvard or Yale. What should they do?

The callous, cavalier attitude of the press toward the travails of the blue collar workforce is bearing its bitter fruit. They don't like the taste much, do they? But the attitude summed up in "LEARN TO CODE" is exactly the attitude they've shown to others, for many decades.

And the whiny fuckin' bitches can dish it out, but can't take it.

On the other hand, though? In a story I wrote, once, I made comment about useless university degrees. Main character, a college student, had a guy with a doctorate in East African History as his faculty advisor, a Dr. Merkes. He asked his friend why there were so many useless degrees.

"I know for a fact that Dr. Merkes can't do algebra. That kind of engineer we can do without," was the reply.

Most of these chuckleheads probably couldn't solve 2x+3=9 for X let alone program a computer to display the result.

* * *

I guess if you're white, you're not allowed to get your face dirty.

Mary Poppins is RACISS. Because of the "chimney sweep" scene where she gets her face covered in soot.

Kim du Toit discusses the matter.

You people who are seeing blackface/minstrel acts in every soot-smudged white face really need to get lives. Shit.

* * *

"We should spend that money fixing the subway!" NYC giving Amazon $3 billion in tax breaks, and some say "spending" the $3 billion on that is unwise.

Generally speaking--not always--when a government gives a business a tax break for locating within its jurisdiction, it does not give a 100% discount. Amazon will still pay taxes for operating in NYC.

Even if Amazon were to pay no taxes itself--if NYC is foregoing tax income from Amazon's operations there--it is not a net loss for NYC. Amazon will still employ people and buy materials and products, and the income and sales taxes on those things will benefit NYC.

By giving Amazon a tax break, NYC is not "spending" a single dime. It is merely foregoing revenue it would otherwise collect if Amazon were to locate there without tax breaks. If there is not $3 billion in NYC's budget for fixing the subway right now, whether or not Amazon gets a tax break is irrelevant.

I really don't give a rat's ass whether or not Amazon sets up shop in NYC, but what I do care about is the usual short-sighted horseshit spewed by people who can't do arithmetic. "We need to fix X before we can do Y!" You aren't even trying to fix X now, so STFU.

* * *

Oregon takes steps to limit the supply of housing, state-wide. Because price controls always, always, always lead to short supply and rationing.

Remember the gas lines of the 1970s? Those happened because of government controls on the price of gasoline. As soon as those controls were lifted, suddenly there was plenty of fuel available. Gas cost more, but you didn't have to wait in line for an hour to buy the five gallons the station would sell you; you could drive right up to the pump and fill your tank.

Which would you prefer? As much gas as you need at market price, or a few gallons of cheaper gas?

It works the same way with rent control. Because the price of the commodity is artificially limited below market value, there is no incentive to produce more of the commodity.

This is what happens every time price controls are enacted.

* * *

San Francisco is now a third-world shithole. And it will be as long as they refuse to do anything about the bums and the illegals.

* * *

Kim du Toit points out to Louis Farrakhan that there are plenty of black-only countries which are mostly, or entirely, islamic. Take your pick, Calypso Louie.

* * *

An antifa goon pulls a gun on police. The guy sounds like a real winner.

* * *

So, to put it in perspective, the wildfires in California emitted as much CO2 as all the power generation in the state.

* * *

This is all pretty much correct. Once I was playing D&D with my niece. Her character had been given a sap, and was tasked with using it on a guard outside a building.

...except no one had explained to her how to use a sap, so she threw it at him.

To hit: 20. Follow-up roll: 20. That guard was out of action, all right, and wouldn't wake up for hours.

Plus side: completely obviated having to make any stealth checks.

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