atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6525: Today, not working

Took a day off to help Mrs. Fungus with doctor's appointments and stuff. Back to the grind tomorrow.

* * *

That's easy. Arse Technica, the global warming resource, asks, "Climate change or 'just the weather?' Here's how to answer that".</a>

Does the weather event "prove" that man-made global warming is taking place? Then it's climate change.

Does the weather event contradict man-made global warming? Then it's just weather!

Even better, there's a graph there which shows that "climate scientists" are more confident that extreme cold is the result of global warming than they are about extreme warm events. (Sorry, "anthropogenic climate change", because wouldn't it be silly to make that kind of assertion so explicitly about global warming? Even though "anthropogenic climate change" only takes place because of human carbon emissions, which cause warming.)

As usual, 100% ascientific horseshit.

* * *

That about wraps it up for Elizabeth Warren, I think. Apparently she left quite the paper trail of claims that she's some percentage of indian., stretching back decades, when the percentage of indian DNA in her genome is vanishingly small.

She really did. Well, that's one less Democrat running for President in 2020, I guess.

* * *

Meanwhile, the whole Virginia governor thing is a mess.

Item: sitting governor, a Democrat, dressed in blackface when he was in medical school in 1984. He is being pilloried for it by everyone and they're trying to get him to resign. There's one problem with that.

Item: sitting lieutenant governor--also a Democrat--has been accused of sexual misconduct which might even rise to the level of "rape". ANd to make things even worse the lieutenant governor has made some intemperate remarks about the situtation. So it's not looking as if he'd survive very long in that job. But there's one problem with that.

Item: sitting Attorney General, a Democrat, has a little blackface problem his own damn self, which makes his tenure as governor rather problematic, too.

What happens in Virgina if all three of the Democrat skunks are ousted because of their skunkery? Well, the speaker of the Virginia house, Kirk Cox, who is a Republican, is next in the order of succession.

...which is probably why the Democrats and the media but I repeat myself have been downplaying the AG's blackfaced bigotry.

But this sure is entertaining to watch.

* * *

Tried cranking the Jeep about a week ago, when it was bitter cold, and it wouldn't crank, and the hood was frozen shut so I couldn't get at the battery to charge it. Tried starting it Saturday but the battery was 100% dead, so I put it on the charger, and left it trickle-charging from then until this morning, when I started it.

Thankfully, there was no cold-related damage to anything. But the brakes are kind of "gronchy", because of rust. Really need to drive the thing at least 2-3 times a week to keep that from happening....

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