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#652: Hillary's Killing Joke

I would laugh myself to death at this if I thought it was anything other than a cynical ploy at pandering to her base.

The only "executive power" she's going to give up is peeing standing up. Count on it; the "imperial presidency" began with her freaking husband for Christ's sake.

McCain wants to shoot Osama. Hey, get in line, pal.

This does raise him in my estimation a bit, though.

For crying out loud, just SHUT UP already.

"...the Harry Potter tales [are] not for children. They dishonor God, they glamorize sorcery, and the spirit surrounding the series is dark, sinister and anti-Christian."

Shut the fuck up.

Okay? Just shut the fuck up. You are a moron, and your article is full of fundie handwringing that makes us Christians look like morons.

I don't even like Harry Potter, and here I have to defend that shit from the likes of stupid fucking people who can't tell the difference between make-believe and reality even as well as an eight-year-old can.

Yes, Dumbledore is gay. So what? The only way we even know that is because Rowling said so. It's not like she just finished writing Harry Potter and Brokeback Mountain or some shit. (The people who write fanfics, on the other hand....)

And, to be honest, it's not even surprising. Let's face it: the guy's name is Dumbeldore and he's often seen consorting with a talking hat. What color are his robes? Aren't they purple?

But Dumbledore being gay doesn't, and shouldn't, mean beans to all the kids who are reading the series. It doesn't figure in the story--it's not even in the story--and so it doesn't automatically mean that Harry Potter is pro-gay propaganda.

There are real problems for Christians to worry about, you know, like the dwindling number of churchgoers, like the waning power of the Catholic church, like the ACLU. These are real problems for us. We should worry about the real problems before we start imagining ones.

Harry Potter--Harry Potter is meaningless. It's a fantasy story, a harmless tale with magic and wizards and bad guys. The kids reading it know it's "make-believe".

I think the contribution that Harry Potter has made towards getting kids to read far outweighs its "Satanic" subtext, anyway.

But the twit who wrote the article says, "ZOMG! My children have to deal with a gay person!" Get used to it, bitch! They're all over the damn place and--gasp!--someday your children will have to come to terms with the fact that not everything and everybody in the world is Christian.

You can deal two ways with that issue. One is to be completely intolerant, like a stereotypical Christain (like you, you stupid pain in the ass bitch) and angrily denounce anything that is not "of Christ" as being "Satanic" and "evil", particularly if it involves magic of any stripe. (Like Mickey Mouse in the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment of Fantasia. Yes, people have said that's Satanic. Jesus!)

The other way is to realize that while there is evil in the world, most of it is not going to be expressed as a gay character who is so far in the closet the author has to tell us in the real world that he's gay.

I mean, come on. Christianity is strong enough to withstand Harry fucking Potter. It's existed for nearly 2,000 years; its overall message of tolerance and understanding is partly why Western Civilization has been so successful. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" is one of the core philosophies of the religion and Jesus himself said "turn the other cheek".

The idea that devils and demons constantly beset us and try to corrupt us--I don't know how I feel about that. To be honest, I don't buy it for a variety of reasons, but the validity of the overall concept doesn't seem as far-fetched, as long as you think of it as a metaphor instead of a literal truth: "demons" are temptations, our own subconscious desires for pleasure without cost.

But all of that ignores the basic ideas of free will and personal responsibility. "Oh, it's not my fault I had an affair; a demon tempted me...." What? Bullshit. You made the decision to have an affair. The only "demon" involved was the one in your pants, so man up and take the responsibility for your actions, you asshat.

We have been endowed by God with free will, which means we choose our paths...but it also means we are responsible for our choices. Not demons, not angels; us.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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