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#6628: The important thing to remember

Virginia sent Robert "Sheets" Byrd to the Senate for decades, and that guy had once been elected "Exalted Cyclops" of his local Klan chapter, which is probably why no one thought anything about politicians who, in the past, dressed up as Klansmen or went around in blackface.

Autoplay warning: someone else knew about the sexual assault allegations against their lieutenant governor. This just keeps getting better and better.

* * *

If you think the politicians in Illinois care what Moody's has to say, guess again. It really doesn't matter; as long as they get their tax increases, the Machine will be happy. Even though that will, as predicted, cause the rich to flee the state.

* * *

New hole found in glacier. Oh noes we're all doomed because of global warming.

Climate "scientists" are more confident that cooling events are caused by "man-made climate change" than warming events, yet a hole in a glacier is proof of global warming etc. Of course.

So a hole in a glacier that comprises 0.01% of its total surface area is reason to panic because of global warming, even though the hole has occurred in a place which is prone to vulcanism.

Uh, no.

* * *

The one saving grace for the metric system is how easy it is to convert between units. That's it; that's what makes it superior to "English" or "Imperial" or however you identify it.

So you know that 1cc is 1ml and therfore a cube 10cm on a side (1,000 cc) is 1 liter. Wheee!

But when it comes to "feel", you need to be raised exclusively in a measuring system in order to understand it. I can only understand metric in terms of Imperial, so to me "1 cm" doesn't mean anything but "2.54 cm equals one inch" does. I've memorized a few equivalents so I can convert to units I understand: 15cm is about 6 inches. 30 cm is about a foot. 3.8 liters is a gallon. And so forth.

The writer is correct when he says that the originators of metric picked arbitrary constants which could just as easily have been something else.

* * *

So, all those women wearing white to the SoTU speech: The League of National Socialist Women wore white to public events, too.

So, maybe those photoshops of those women in Klan robes wasn't too far off the mark after all.

* * *

I have heard that lefty organizations tend to be incredibly shitty places to work. I'm really not surprised by that; if you consider what shitholes socialist and communist countries are, it actually makes perfect sense that a lefty organization would be totalitarian. It's what they do.

* * *

Remember that story I linked to, about the out-of-control teenage girl who got tased because she was fighting the police, kicking and punching and biting? Well, all charges against her have been dropped.

I believe this is the best way to proceed. Just get the cops out of schools entirely and let the Chicago public school district handle their own damned security--and if they can't, too bad. There's no upside for the police, here.


* * *

Typhus epidemic in Los Angeles because they're not doing anything about homelessness or rats, and that's a fantastic way to get yourself a typhus epidemic.

A third-world city in a state which is rapidly becoming a third-world country.

* * *

So, nice and warm around noon, crashing to single digits early tomorrow morning. Whee!

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