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#6629: A feature, not a bug.

Unwanted Blog digests the Brave New World outlined in the socialist pipe-dream called "the Green New Deal" by its avowed socialist progenitor, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

The bill wants to commit the US to being 100% fossil-fuel-free in a decade, among other things. Which is flatly impossible.

We could start with the impossibility of ripping out millions of gas-fueled furnaces and replacing them with electric heat. Imagine how well that would go over, especially in places where it routinely gets very cold. Electric heat is fucking expensive even compared to heating with gas or fuel oil. It's expensive because while electricity converts to heat pretty efficiently, it takes a lot of electricity to heat up an area because transferring the heat from the heating element to the air is not very efficient.

We could continue with the impossibility to converting all transportation to electricity. The conversion of all home heating systems to electrical will, by itself, overwhelm the existing electrical infrastructure. Adding transportation to it? Forget it.

We could also point out that upgrading the electrical infrastructure to support all this will be prohibitively expensive and require an incredible amount of mining, smelting, machining, and so forth--a lot of very dirty industry will be required to make this happen. To say nothing of actually building all the electric heaters, cars, trucks, buses, trains, etcetera.

And of course there's the fact that there isn't enough solar energy and wind power available in the US--nor could it be built in ten years--to supply the demand such a shift will require. And not to put too fine a point on it but the cost of switching over to all-electric would make the national debt look like pocket change.

Of course the price of electricity--given such demand and no concomitant increase in supply--would make electricity prohibitively expensive for nearly everyone.

All of those would be excellent points, perfect arguments against the implementation of this idiotic scheme. But those points will only matter to people who are not leftists.
Cant afford the government mandates? Well, have they got an answer for you: sell your home at cut-rate prices either to the government or to favored developers, and move into public housing. Make do with public transport. Give up all that nonsense about living out away from the authorities. "Individualism" is a thing of the past. "Freedom" to go where you will, when you will, is not a part of the five year plan. Learn to make do with less, to aim lower, to keep your horizons good and close.
This is what is the point behind "the green new deal".

Making Americans knuckle under and do what the government says, that is what this bill is meant to do. It's not about saving the environment; none of the econazi horseshit is about that. It's all about making sure that government can tell you where you may live, how you may live--and when you may live.

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