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#6630: The surest way to wreck the economy

Green New Deal. (GND). Let's just pare it down to the headings:
Ban affordable energy.
Eliminate nuclear energy.
Eliminate 99 percent of cars.
Gut and rebuild every building in America.
Eliminate air travel.
A government-guaranteed job.
Free education for life.
A salubrious diet.
A house.
Free money.
Bonus insanity: Ban meat.
The article explains in detail what each of those headings means in the context of the GND scheme. The thing is, they might manage to get our economy to be "carbon neutral" if they allowed nuclear power, but of course leftists hate nuclear power more than they hate carbon emissions because nuclear power is both carbon-free and plentiful and--in bulk--cheap. It's not subject to any whims of nature, we can turn it on and off when we need it, and it's the densest form of power we have, beating even coal in the ergs-per-kilo department.

If your goal is to reduce the entire population to poverty, you have to get rid of nuclear power. Power is wealth; the more energy you have to work with, the more wealth you can generate. They don't want the masses to be wealthy; they want the masses to be dirt poor, because if everyone but the elites live in grinding poverty, the elites will have total control over the masses.

Pixy Misa is even more pithy:
* Zero emissions by 2030. Yes, zero emissions.

* No nuclear power.

* No planes. Catch the train everywhere.

* Cow corks.

* Newly fabricated human rights include guaranteed employment, guaranteed paid time off, free education, free health care, subsidised housing, free money for those unwilling to work.

* Upgrading or replacing every building in the United States.

* It will all be paid for by printing money.

* Shut up about hyperinflation already.
Emphasis his.

Gomorgons dissects the GND scheme with the scorn it deserves.

* * *

So--from one Democrat fiasco to another:

Looking at the possibility of losing the Virginia governorship to the Republicans, a few liberals are calling for adjustments to the PC penal code. The New York Daily News, normally unforgiving in its commitment to upholding the strictures of political correctness, ran an editorial entitled: "Facing facts: Blackface is awful, but is it always and immediately disqualifying from public office?" The paper seemed to argue that the growing volume of cases argues against a zero tolerance policy.
They are only making that argument because it is Democrats who are being disqualified. I can guarantee that even if they save the Democrats currently under fire with this move, the next time any Republican even implies racism they'll be on him like you-know-what on you-know-what.

The answer they desire to "Is it always and immediately disqualifying?" is, "Not when it's a Democrat!"

And of course it's not just racism, but sexism that the Democrats have to deal with. Virginia's lieutenant governor is credibly accused of rather severe sexual misconduct. Democrats claim to be the party that supports women and minorities, so it's understandable how finding that two of their elected officials are less than stellar in that regard should cause the party to oust them posthaste--but Democrats don't do that, not when power is on the line.

The party that gave us Jim Crow and the KKK makes absolutely no apology for it whatsoever, and does not disavow any of its elected officials who have racist pasts, which is why Robert "Sheets" Byrd remained in the Senate for 51 years.

The party that gave us Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton makes absolutely no apology whatsoever for their excesses, either, and does not disavow any of its elected officials no matter what nastiness they get into.

So right now their big aim here is to get out from under this scandal without a Republican being seated as governor of Virginia. That's all that matters to them; and if they have to be hypocritical about racism and sexism--well, Democrats are hypocritical three times before breakfast.

And here we have a discussion about what was done and not done around that time. No one did blackface for Halloween in the 1980s. That was not because we were hypersensitive about giving offense (we were not) but because it wasn't considered funny or even mildly entertaining. There was no value to doing it--people would look at you dressed up in blackface and ask, "What the heck is that about?"

That sort of disinterest is exactly the correct response to it, IMHO.

Yet this turkey, now the sitting governor of Virginia, thought it was hilarious and appropriate--in 1984--to put on blackface and pose with a guy in a KKK outfit. That kind of nonsense can only happen in an environment where the person has little or no contact with minorities.

* * *

I can imagine what the response will be. Gordon Ramsay does not lightly suffer fools. Him saying "Piss off, you donkeys!" is the polite version of how I expect him to react to this SJW/NPS nonsense.

And of course the quotes of the press releases from Gordon Ramsay's company included his favorite non-perjoratives: "vibrant" and "stunning". Heh.

* * *

Sign language for "abortion" is pretty explicit. First, you mime cradling a baby; then you wad the baby up and throw it on the ground.

That's about right.

* * *

So, last night I found the DVD case I've been looking for. I was, predictably enough, looking for something else when I found it; and with that found I resumed my search for the BluRay player. That was not where I thought it was, either; it was in the computer room closet.

But! With those things found, and with the BluRay player re-integrated into our entertainment system, I sat down and proceeded to watch the first three Tenchi Muyo! OVAs.

I loved every minute.

TM! is one of my all-time top five favorite anime series. For quite a while I virtually knew it by heart. Time and a lack thereof has kept me from seeing it for more than a decade, but these characters are like old friends to me and I still laugh at the laugh lines even though I've heard them dozens of times.

The OVA series came first and was the best iteration. The first TV series was not as good but still really entertaining; the second TV series lost my interest and by the time GXP came out I no longer cared. The problem is one of continuity; the OVA series is the best of them but suffers from too little screen time. The TV series is enough screen time to tell the tale, but it's an entirely new continuity. Tenchi in Tokyo was a third continuity that departs even further from the OVA one. GXP is a fourth continuity, about which I have zero curiosity. And fifth there was the series called War on Geminar in the US. And besides all that, they had Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, (MGPS) an OVA series with the same characters but an entirely different story, and then a TV series with a second MGPS continuity, and Magical Girls Club which was a third! So there are as many Tenchi universes as there are series, and that's both annoying and impractical. I count eight.

You can see why I gave up.

But in the OVAs--the original and best iteration--the artwork and animation are fantastic. Entirely acetate, ink, and paint (no digital) and flawlessly executed. The English dub set the standard for dub quality.

Ep 3 is one of my favorite episodes, too, because it's where the story really settled down and a whole lot of important information was given to the viewer. We really begin to understand what is going on, and it's explained why a "demon" was contained in a back-country shrine somewhere in Japan's Okayama prefecture.

The story continues from there, of course, and eventually leads to a confrontation with a big bad guy in eps 5 and 6. Ep 7 is a "filler" ep but it's another old favorite of mine. Eps 8-10 are also filler eps and probably the weakest of the series, but they add background. Then we get to 11 and 12, which are the "Dr. Clay" eps, and they're epic.

Ep 13, "I fought the fop", pretty mundane.

...there are actually two more series of OVAs, taking the whole thing to ep 24, which I've never seen. These were animated years after ep 13 came out in 1995--ep 14 has a release date in 2003--and as far as I know the creative staff was almost entirely different. I suppose I ought to watch them but I'm not optimistic about how well I'd enjoy them.

* * *

I have the first TV series on laserdisk. It'll be while before I watch that again, because the infrastructure at the bunker must be reconfigured for that, but I do want to.

Infrastructure: I know where the LD player is, and I know where the LDs are. The LD player is not connected to anything and the LDs are buried under a bunch of other stuff that got moved into the spare room while the house is being redone. Eventually that stuff will be accessible and our basement will have a TV in it to which the LD player can be connected. And then I can watch the entirety of the TV series again.

* * *

Well, there's a second person accusing Virginia's lt-gov of sexual assault. Remember the standard for evidence during the Kavanaugh hearings?

No, neither do the Democrats.

* * *

Four hours and twelve minutes of work separate me from my weekend. *sigh*

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