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#6631: Lots more than the gross WORLD product.

In a post aptly titled "We're Going to Need a Bigger Envelope", Pixy Misa estimates that Alexandria Often-Wrong's "Green New Deal" will cost on the order of $375 trillion dollars per year over the course of its ten-year plan.

Problem: the gross world product--the economic output of all the nations of the world, everywhere--is about 25% of that, about $94 trillion.


And that's a correct use of the word "literally", too. I don't incorrectly use that word as an intensifier anyway, but whenever I find myself applying it to a statement of that magnitude I feel like I have to point that out. I mean, most of the time, when someone says "there isn't enough in the world" they are engaging in hyperbole, but I am speaking a literal truth. It is impossible to pay for the Green New Deal.

Not difficult. IMPOSSIBLE.

$375 trillion per year for ten years is $3.75 quadrillion, which is to say, 3.75 times ten to the fifteenth dollars. In order to make GND happen, we would need to consume the entire world's annual output for forty years. And not to put too fine a point on that, but if we were to do that, it would mean nothing else could be done. So you'd be waiting forty years to buy a new car, a new computer, or anything that wasn't GND related. A new iPhone? Ha. Apple wouldn't be making them; they'd be making control modules for electrical infrastructure or something.

In this scenario you don't even have food being made. The production of food counts as economic output.

That's why I say that it is impossible to pay for the GND, because there is literally not enough money in the world. Even if the United States somehow gained control of the entire world economy (which, by itself, would be a neat trick) it still would have to devote some of that output to feeding people, because it takes a lot less time than forty years for people to starve to death--and your economic output is directly dependent on how many hands you have to get the work done.

This scheme literally requires enslaving everyone in the world, making them work for food, and paying them nothing else.

Hey, that sounds like socialism, all right!

* * *

John C. Wright suggests that the plan doesn't go far enough, that there are more rights that it should convey. That "abolish disease" thing sounds like a good one to me.

* * *

Gloating over the clusterfuck in Virginia. I agree 100%.

* * *

No, there need to be charges filed. Gross incompetence coupled with gross negligence led to a patient dying, because instead of getting 2 mg of the anti-anxiety medication that was prescribed, from a 10 mg vial the nurse administered an unknown amount of a paralytic which--surprise!--killed the patient.

The nurse didn't just make a mistake; she blew right past a whole slew of safety protocols designed to prevent this kind of thing.

Okay? When a medical person makes a single error which kills a person, there's some wiggle room--but when you deliberately ignore warning after warning, policy after policy, and someone ends up dead? There needs to be more of a penalty for that than just "well, no more nurse career for you."

* * *

Last night I watched Tenchi Muyo! through ep 7; and then I started writing.

I found myself working on something I haven't touched in seven years, a fantasy story for which I'd come up with an inchoate ending years ago, but never added. There's not a lot left to tell now; I'm not sure how many pages I added but it was almost 5 AM when I realized I needed to go to bed.

Then, awake this morning when my wife got up for work--and I'm only up now because my stomach was empty, and I sat at the computer and read stuff while eating. *sigh*

Back to bed for a few more winks, I think.

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