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#6634: Oh, that'll help. Right?

Huge deposits of natural gas and "condensates" found off the coast of South Africa. "Could be a game-changer," they say.


Venezuela has some of the largest oil deposits in the world, but under socialism the place can't even pump and refine enough of the stuff to supply its own needs.

SA has embraced socialism and is currently working on driving out all the white farmers. Any bets on what percentage of the remaining population is skilled in petrogeology?

* * *

NJ, WTF? They are taxing people based on rain falling on their property. No, really, NJ wants to tax people for rain.

Wow. Just wow. So any non-permeable surface on your property gets taxed, because when it rains, stuff runs off those surfaces and into storm drains. Driveway, patio, roof, sidewalk, deck, whatever.

Bet there are laws requiring you to have a driveway of X or Y material, too, and if you don't, you get fined. So you can either pay the rain tax or the fine for parking on grass.


* * *

The problem is, you can't discontinue their other welfare at the same time. So you're giving $1,000 per month to people who already get a crapton of benefits from the government.

I recall reading somewhere--several somewheres--that a single woman with a couple of kids can rake in somewhere north of $50,000 per year in welfare benefits if she plays her cards right. That's already about $4,000 a month.

I don't know what Chicago thinks will happen when they start giving their "poorest" citizens more money, but it sure as hell isn't going to encourage them to go find jobs.

* * *

This law is working exactly as was intended. An Illinois law that places more regulations on gun shops is forcing their closure, because complying with the regulations is simply too expensive.

Having failed at citizen disarmament by simply banning firearm ownership, Illinois now attempts to stem the supply of legal firearms by making sure no one can afford to sell them. Make it prohibitively expensive to be in the business of selling guns; that way no one can make money on selling them.

That also keeps people from buying guns out of state, by the way, because guns crossing a state border must be shipped to someone with a federal firearms dealer permit. Accept such transfers for money and presto, you're a dealer! Fork over the bucks for your Illinois firearms dealer licenses and make sure you put in $10,000 worth of security cameras and-and-and.

For all his faults, Rauner would have vetoed this horseshit. Just saying....

* * *

Also, could we please dispense with this notion that Pritzker's "progressive" tax scheme is a tax on the rich? It's not. It really isn't. This tax scheme is designed to increase taxes on the middle class who will see the greatest increase as a percentage of their income.

The claim is that by moving to a progressive tax scheme, the state can give "relief" on property taxes and lower them. The state will collect more money from "the rich" and property taxes will be reduced.

And if you believe that, I've got some prime oceanfront property to sell you.

What will happen in fact is that the average middle-class taxpayer will see his income tax rise by about $4,000 per year. Meanwhile, the decrease in property tax won't be any $4,000. Even if I'm generous and stipulate that the average person will see his property taxes go down at all, and the average homeowner sees a reduction of something like $1,000 per year, that means he still ends up paying $3,000 more in taxes because his income tax went up.

There's no way in hell Illinois is going to give middle-class taxpayers a tax break--anywhere--equivalent to the rise in their income taxes. The state is broke; Pritzker is giving lip service to property tax relief because he knows it's a selling point, but I don't believe that there will be any significant property tax relief. Illinois will not voluntarily reduce any revenue stream for any reason, not when the official motto of the Illinois Democrat Party is, "Well, the taxpayers will just have to pay it."

And not to put too fine a point on it, but "the rich" have a lot more mobility than even the middle class do. They can move out of Illinois and stop paying Illinois taxes a lot more easily than the rest of us.

But even if there were significant property tax reform--such that say, the bunker's property taxes were cut in half--there's absolutely no guarantee they'll stay that way. A few years down the line, it'll be a little increase here, and a little increase there, and pretty soon we're right back where we are now, only the income taxes are high, too.

To make things even more entertaing, Illinois is working on raising the state minimum wage to $15. Lovely.

* * *

Oh, and guess what? It's looking like that second-rate actor from a third-rate TV show perpetrated a hoax and there was no "hate crime" after all. According to Second City Cop there is still a huge nothing to the case: no evidence, no suspects, no video.

A detective said that it's basically a "Grindr date gone bad". There weren't any white supremecists--wearing MAGA hats or not--and this guy either fell on the ice or got beaten up during a hookup. Either way, this joins the 99.997% of all other "hate crimes" that got national attention over the past decade which turned out to be 100% false. Nothing but a hoax.

They won't charge him with anything, though, don't you worry about that.

* * *

Half of all murders in America are committed by four percent of the population. Get rid of that exceptionally violent four percent and we could cut homicides in half.

Pity there isn't some mechanism or procedure we could employ to rid ourselves of these uncivilizable savages.

* * *

Democrat proposes something that is economically impossible, and the media tries to help her backpedal. Did you know, she actually tried to claim that Republicans edited her "Green New Deal" manifesto and added the stupid parts?

...right, it was all stupid. But I mean things like giving free money to those who are "unable or unwilling to work", and so forth.

The response to that was to show the document's metadata, which clearly shows that it came directly from one of her staffers.

What's-her-face's staff meant to publish this horseshit, and the only reason they're saying otherwise now comes from the fact that the reaction to it was so very strongly negative. The Democrat leadership knows they can't have this document laying out there for everyone to see, even though they want everything in it, because it makes their desires and goals so plainly visible.

* * *

Yep, that's racism, all right.

* * *

Harrison Ford should STFU about global warming until and unless he starts living like Ed Begley Jr. That means giving up the private planes and helicopters, by the way.

* * *

Trust me, it's not just the Navy. The people who run our government have been using the military as a laboratory for social experimentation. All the things they've done in the name of "diversity" and other political correctness goals are all things which detract from its basic mission.

* * *

That doesn't insult me. That's only insulting if you have any insecurities about your equipment.

...but it's now been classified as "hate speech" by the British police, so no one gets to use it, anyway. Huzzah.

* * *

This past weekend I went to work on the water filter edifice that Og put together. First step for me after it was done was to pressure-test it, so Saturday I hooked it up to a hose and turned the water on.

Water began pouring out of the filter housing and soaked half the laundry room.

...turned out there was an o-ring that went between housing and the filter bucket. Put that in, one less leak, but the place that the hose screwed into the apparatus was leaking like a seive. Only other leak was at the inlet to the thing, near the ceiling. Just that one place! Good!

Sunday I re-crimped the copper-to-PEX fitting, and repressurized. Where the hose connected to the manifold, though, was leaking like a seive, so I shut the water off and went to work on finding another way to connect it that didn't involve YET ANOTHER trip to the hardware store.

I ended up taking some short lengths of PEX, a 90° bend, an end plug, and the hose inlet fitting from a Prestone Flush-n-Fill kit, and bodging together a new hose connection for it. This leaked a hell of a lot less than the actual fitting that I'd bought, and with a little tweaking stopped leaking at all.

The re-crimped joint up top still leaked, meaning it was the solder joint and not the PEX. About one drip every three seconds. There was a slight leak from where I'd crimped PEX onto the "out to [accessory]" valve, but closing that valve stopped it from leaking and that was fine.

Og said, "Okay, so reflow that joint and test it again."

Problem: no solder. He'd said he was going to leave the solder, and he left everything else, but the solder was not in evidence. *sigh*

So I've stalled there. Can't use solder I have on hand; it's all lead. Needs to be tin or "silver-bearing" solder. I had some tin solder somewhere but of course now I can't find it. I sure as hell don't want to go out and pay $15-$20 for a huge wad of solder when I need about a 1" chunk of the stuff.

Left the pressure on for fifteen minutes and nothing else leaked...except for the bypass valve on the filter itself. That's a warranty item, though, so I'll need to take that back to Menards (or follow the warranty info in the box).

What a pisser.

One future job--probably one I'll handle when we're working on fixing up the basement--is to replace all the valves etc on the laundry tub. They're 54 years old and encrusted with rust and mineral deposits.

...but the point is, once the leaking joint is fixed, I need to pressure-test it again, and repeat as necessary until it can be pessurized for an hour with absolutely no leaks from any joints. That's going to be fun!


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