atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6635: High Speed FAIL

The plug has been pulled. And good riddance.

Repeat after me: if high-speed intercity rail were economically necessary, it would already exist.

* * *

Actor, TV show, hate crime hoax, blah blah blah, etcetera. He finally turns over his cell phone records to the police but a whole bunch of information is cut out, rendering the information "useless", in so many words.

You know what? He wasn't the victim of any hate crime. He went out at 2 AM and was doing something he shouldn't, and in the process he got his ass kicked.

* * *

The laws are applied differently to illegal aliens. Look here, Bob Menendez you pustulent extrusion on Lucifer's backside, those people are already criminals simply by having entered the country illegally. Not putting them in jail for drunk driving will not change that.

They are criminals. Get used to it, you festering piece of distended rectum.

Or, what--you're worried they won't be available to vote for you, illegally, if they're in jail?

* * *

These galactic shape science deniers need to be put in jail and maybe hanged for their heresy. After all, the shape of the Milky Way Galaxy is SETTLED SCIENCE and we need dark matter to explain how it can be that shape when there is too little observable matter for it to retain the shape we all agree is the correct one!

...that's what it looks like when you cast a real scientific finding in the kind of light climate "scientists" use for any dissent from their orthodoxy.

* * *

Look at all the green energy subsidies gone to waste. 19 out of 33 went bankrupt.

* * *

The rot in Hollywood runs to the core. It was ever thus, though.

* * *

Neglected infrastructure. Chicago has "helicopter money" it can dole out to the tune of $1,000 per month to thousands of people, but it doesn't have the budget to hire bridge inspectors and maintenance crews so that a major frickin' highway doesn't have to be closed.

* * *

I agree with Karl Denninger. When the light turns green, you should first look to make sure there's no hazard approaching before moving. You don't have to spend an hour analyzing everything; just a second or two to make sure that guy who's supposed to stop 1) is trying to stop, and 2) can stop.

If you fail to do that, any collision that occurs is partly your fault.

* * *

In the Democrat party, the Jews have always been at odds with the blacks. One of my friends from high school started out slightly to the right of moderate (when he was in high school) and ended up on the left side of Vladimir Lenin (after getting his masters' degree). Early in that transition it was he that pointed out to me the essential hostility that Jews and blacks had to each other under the big friendly Democrat tent, because only one of them could be the bigger victim.

The Democrat party has obviously chosen its side. Because the Democrats are now all about preventing "islamophobia", we can see that they prefer the muslims and blacks to the Jews.

Naturally they are trying to do this without losing the leftist jew vote, which is why they are trying to put a lid on the antisemitism of their newly-elected muslim savage congresscritters. But muslims are, by definition, virulent antisemites.

The Democrat party is itself tacitly antisemite. A broad swath of their constituency certainly is; just look at any lefist/socialist/communist protest march and you'll see scads of pro-Palestine propaganda (which is, again by definition, anti-Israel and antisemite). But there are, as I said, still a hell of a lot of Jews who vote reliably Democrat, and the DNC does not want to lose those votes.

So this muslim bigot won't be moved off any committees, nor will she face any proscription for her antisemitic remarks. The DNC is hypocritical three times before breakfast.

* * *

Heh. I get too much entertainment from that meme. Oh well.

* * *

So: freezing rain last night. The inch or so of snow we got Sunday almost melted, but not quite. I need to get some salt to spread on the driveway. And now it's snowing again.

To make things even more entertaining? This morning I was awakened by the sound of what I thought was a chain saw. Turned out to be a pavement saw because--yeah!!--yet another frigging water main break.

I watched them cut pavement and start digging up a section they had previously replaced. Judging by the footprints in the snow, it looks as if they sent people out to read the water meters first. How they figured out where the leak was, though, is beyond me.

Anyway, having seen what was happening, I warned the still-somnolent Mrs. Fungus (who was playing Snooze Tag) and she got into the shower right away--and good thing, because a scant two minutes after she was out, they'd shut the water off to the entire street.

I have heard water running through the storm drain for a couple of weeks, and just thought it was due to all the precipitation we've been getting. The fact that the water main had broken yet again, only with no obvious external sign of it, makes me worry about sinkholes. If the water main was broken and the water was getting into the storm drain without going up to the street, how was it getting there?

I don't know what the damned water main under my street is made from, but "paper mache" seems high on the list of probabilities.

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