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Too many interesting links today! Let's get started.

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Amazon has decided that it will not, after all, build a headquarters in NYC.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Little Miss Stalin is very happy about this. People are saying that NYC can spend that $3 billion on fixing things like the subway rather than give it to "rich corporations".

The thing is, the tax revenue that NYC would have realized from having Amazon there would have been greater than the $3 billion in tax credits NYC was to give them. But that's not the real idiocy here.

Let me spell it out to those of you who don't understand this: NYC was not writing Amazon a check for $3 billion. That's not how tax credits work. What NYC was doing was to tell Amazon that if they located their HQ there, NYC was willing to forego $3 billion worth of taxes that Amazon would otherwise pay.

Tax credits are offered this way because the government that extends them expects that--even with the tax credits--there will still be a net increase in tax revenues, solely because the corporation is in the state, employing people and spending money on goods and services. 40,000 new jobs, even in a city like NYC, generates a nontrivial amount of income, which therefore generates a nontrivial amount of income taxes; and those people need to eat and drink and get to and from work. The corporation needs to have a building which is supplied with electricity and other utilities, and there will be supplies that the corporation uses, which they will buy.

Any time you earn or spend money, the government gets its cut. What NYC has done, sticking its thumb in Amazon's eye like this, is to forego all that tax revenue. They've cut off their nose to spite their face.

And they're calling it a "victory".

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Read numbers two and three! Francis Porretto is up in arms today, and it is great. #2 because he tells off a leftist asshat, starting with, "You pitiful animal,..." and getting better from there.

#3 because it talks about the whiny New York bitches, specifically Governor "Abortions 'R' Us" Cuomo, and his complaints about President Trump's policies; and Trump told him to go pound sand. WINNING!

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Well, how very interesting. What's the Virginia law say about a lieutenant governor who's being tried for sexual assault in another state?

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I do not have words for how fucking stupid this is. But I'm going to try.

One of the prime faults of "renewable" energy--secondary only to how diffuse it is--comes from the fact that you can only collect the energy as long as the source persists. That means "only when the sun is shining and there are no clouds" for solar, and "only when the wind is blowing" for windmills. And so the big push for "renewable" energy is to find efficient ways to store it. Generate as much as you can when the sun shines and the wind blows, and store the surplus, somehow. This is woefully inefficient since you are converting the energy a total of four times (source > electricity > storage > electricity) but it does cover for the fact that your solar panel is useless at night and your windmill is just a weird statue when the wind's not blowing.

All of this equipment and nonsense means that "renewable" energy is lots more expensive than conventional energy like coal, oil, natural gas, or nuclear--but it's worth it to reduce carbon emissions, right? Right??

Well, get a gander:
Compressed air energy storage (CAES) is a sort of physical battery (as opposed to a chemical battery) that uses excess electricity to compress air. The compressed air is stored in a tank, in a balloon, or in an underground cavern. When more electricity is needed, the compressed air is heated, which drives a turbine as it expands.


Traditional CAES usually can't be carbon-neutral because it uses natural gas to heat up that compressed air.
This horseshit goes on to say that it doesn't add as much carbon emissions as a natural-gas-fired plant does, but what it doesn't do is to give any comparison as to how much carbon is emitted per megawatt-hour, which would be useful for helping one decide whether this scheme is a good idea, or merely an epicycle meant to cover the deficiencies of solar and wind power.

I am betting that the comparison is disfavorable. "This emits less carbon!" is more convincing than "This 10 MW storage facility emits less carbon than a 50MW source does!" FFS a 10 MW source emits less carbon than a 50 MW source does; that doesn't make it better.

This particular scheme attempts to make up for some of the inefficiencies inherent in its design by adding even more complexity to the thing by adding heat storage and transfer machinery to it. How? The system " able to retain the heat that's removed from the ambient air as it's being compressed." So in other words they're REFRIGERATING the compressed air and storing the heat--and then warming the air with the stored heat as they let it out to run the turbine.


* * *

Speaking of stupid, we have this:
Unfortunately, Ocasio-Cortez is, to put it politely, woefully misinformed. Her manifest ignorance is so egregious that it's easy to believe her policy positions like the Green New Deal are parodies of progressivism, and AOL herself is a Republican Manchurian Candidate whose aim is to discredit the Democrats with contemptuous laughter. Her "Green New Deal" has already been exposed, its violation of the laws not just of economics but of physics, laid bare. It's a preposterous wish-list redolent of commie Woody Guthrie's "Big Rock Candy Mountain," where "handouts grow on bushes," just like the Green New Deal's promise to "pay people unwilling to work." And it's equally ignorant of the real-world limits that keep the utopian "pie" forever in the "sky."
No, I think the GND is exactly what the Democrats want.

* * *

Kim du Toit came from South Africa, so he understands the situation. Under the leftist ANC government, the country has already squandered the considerable and modern infrastructure that had been built under the Apartheid regime. A country that once was an exporter of electricity now cannot make enough to satisfy its own needs.

So--that big deposit of gas and condensates they found? Not gonna get exploited; or if it does, it'll be done so badly that the wealth such a deposit yields will be concentrated in the hands of those in power, and the people themselves will receive no benefit from it--not even reduced energy prices.

But I'm not expecting there to be so much as one well drilled into that deposit. It just won't happen; the government there is hard left, and their current program of nationalizing agricultural lands will not encourage private enterprise to invest in South African gas.

* * *

Typical college asshats. I guess the idiots infesting the campus of University of Moscow Chicago would rather have had armed criminals roving around the place.

My maternal grandfather called that place "The University of Moscow". He died before I was born. You do the math.

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Not economically viable. The Airbus A380 was a solution in search of a problem, and once the development troubles hit and delayed shipments, and people who needed big cargo aircraft bought the Boeing 777 instead, that was pretty well it for the A380.

Particularly in today's environment there is a practical upper limit on how big a jumbo jet can be before it stops making sense. I think the A380 was outside that envelope from the get-go.

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Public schools are shit. You do not send your kids to them if you want them to learn anything. particularly disruptive and dangerous boy was stabbed one afternoon right outside school. It appears he came to a violent death a few years later. What a tragic waste of human potential.
That might be so, but the waste did not happen when he died; that happened many years prior to his death. Some people are pre-wasted. The writer says so when describing the kid as "disruptive and dangerous"

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A drug which lowers your susceptibility to contracting HIV/AIDS is not a license to have unprotected sex with the world. Unless you are a total fucking moron.

This drug is being marketed to people who want to have lots of unprotected casual sex with random strangers--ie, the homosexual community.

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Busy today. Argh.
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